Walk the dog, please stay away from this kind of leash!

A: Go, walk the dog
B: My dog gets very excited as soon as it gets on the leash
A: What traction belt do you use
B: XX, it’s the super long stretchable one

The slogan of these dog leashes is: Let dogs enjoy walking more freely. I don't know what happened to some dog parents in recent years. They can be brainwashed by such advertisements. Please, walking dogs is not walking people!
I really don’t know what is the use of this kind of traction rope designed to be used in the general market. The initial use of this kind of traction rope was used to train certain tracking and recall dogs. If you do not master certain usage skills, please do not buy this Kind of traction rope.
It is said that this is the world's first telescopic traction rope
1. This kind of traction rope can be put very long and long, and even allows the dog to walk 10 meters ahead of you. Even a small dog, if you give it a speed of 10 meters, they can also have a very fast speed. Pour you down, pull off the traction rope, even let the handle fly out of your hand
2. The handle will make a sound when reclaiming the traction rope, which will make the dog feel that something is chasing it behind, so that it can run faster
3. If you keep a distance of 10 meters from your dog, your dog may be entangled in other objects under certain circumstances, and it may even cut you and innocent passers-by
4. By the way, even some international manufacturers that produce this kind of traction rope clearly stated in their disclaimer: The traction rope may cause cuts, falls, eye and face injuries, and even Broken bones or loss of fingers, etc.
Digression: The Los Angeles Dog Leash Act clearly mentions that this kind of freely variable length traction rope is not allowed, and the well-known "dog squad leader" Cisa Milan has repeatedly advised everyone not to use it. This kind of traction rope.

Among all the dog walking ropes, 5 meters is the best and most suitable retractable dog walking rope. The Wonder Pet retractable dog leash is highly recommended. It is a perfect dog product with three functions of whistle, control and training.

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