What are the skill requirements for shaft parts

Shaft parts, it is one of the common parts of the machine, is also a very important part, it can play a supporting role on the transmission components, and can transfer torque. A shaft is a cylindrical object that passes through the middle of a bearing or between a wheel or a gear, but there are also a few square ones. A shaft is a mechanical part that supports and rotates with rotating parts to transfer motion, torque or bending moment. Generally, it is a round rod-shaped metal, and each segment can have different diameters. The rotating parts of the machine are mounted on the shaft.

The skill requirements and metal machining of shaft parts, for us, is to understand a large-scale machining content, then what is the details of its content? Then please see the following.
The skill requirements of shaft parts generally include the following aspects:
1. Diameter accuracy and several shape accuracy
In the shaft, supporting journal and cooperative journal are very important. The diameter accuracy is it5-it9, and the shape accuracy should be controlled within the diameter service, and its requirements are higher than the diameter accuracy.
Position accuracy of each other
If it is a normal journal bearing, if it is a radial bearing, then it should be regarded as a radial bearing. The high precision axis is 0.001-0.005mm. If there are special requirements, they should be clearly indicated.
2. Surface roughness
Due to machine fineness, working speed and other factors, the surface roughness requirements of shaft cnc machining metal parts are different. The surface roughness of the supporting journal is 0.16-0.63um, and that of the cooperative journal is 0.63-2.5um.
3. Data, blank and heat treatment of main shaft

In the shaft parts, the commonly used data is 45 steel, and through normalizing, annealing, quenching and tempering and quenching and other treatment, and then obtain a certain strength, hardness, wear resistance and toughness.
For the shaft parts with high speed, alloy structural steel can be selected, because it will improve wear resistance and fatigue resistance after heat treatment.
The blank of main shaft is usually made of forgings and round steel, which can reduce the amount of laser cutting and improve the mechanical properties of the data.

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