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What is Borides Powder?

Boride Powder formed by boron and metals and certain non-metals. It can be represented by the general formula MmBn, which is generally a mesenchymal compound and does not follow the valence rules. Except for zinc (Zn), cadmium (Cd), mercury (Hg), gallium (Ga), indium (In), thallium (Tl), germanium (Ge), tin (Sn), lead (Pb), bismuth (Bi).
In addition, other metals can form Borides Powder. They are all crystals with high hardness and melting points. They are chemically stable and cannot be dissolved by hot concentrated nitric acid. They can be directly combined with elements or made by reducing oxides with active metals. They are used as refractory, abrasive, and superconducting materials.
Boron is a light element that forms stable Borides Powder with transition metals, and the compounds with high melting points are compounds formed with elements of group IVA, group VA and group VIA. The crystal structure of boride is determined by the structural characteristics of the boron atom. The chemical stability of Borides Powder gradually decreases from IVA to VIA. The most stable Borides Powder are TiB2, ZrB2, and HfB2.
Crystal structure
In the boride lattice, structural units in the form of single bonds, double bonds, networks, and spatial frameworks are formed between boron atoms. As the relative content of boron in the boride increases, the structural unit becomes more complex.
Generally speaking, the more complex the atomic structure of boron, the less likely it is to be hydrolyzed, and the stronger the stability against oxidation and nitridation.
In transition metal Borides Powder, the chemical bond between the metal atom and the boron atom is an electronic bond, so that the boron atom is transformed into a positively charged ion or atomic skeleton, and there is also a covalent bond between the boron atoms.
Preparation method of Borides Powder
The main method of making refractory metal Borides Powder is
1.The reaction formula of metal and boron directly combined at high temperature is
2.Reducing the mixture of metal oxide and boric anhydride with carbon is
3.Aluminum (silicon, magnesium) thermal method, aluminum or silicon, magnesium reduces oxides so that the generated metal and boron further interact as
MeO+B2O3+AI (Si, Mg)—→MeB+Al(Si, Mg) oxide
4.Reducing metal oxides with boron carbide and carbon are
5.Reducing refractory metal oxides with boron as
The nature and use of Borides Powder
Boride has the characteristics of high conductivity, high melting point, high hardness, and high stability: Boride has relatively high thermal conductivity and strength, so its thermal stability is relatively good. The oxidation resistance of boride at high temperatures is based on group IVB metals. Boride is the best.
Borides are soluble in molten alkali, rare earth and alkaline earth metal Borides Powder are not corroded by humid air or dilute hydrochloric acid but are soluble in nitric acid. Almost all Borides Powder have the appearance and properties of metals, with high conductivity and positive temperature coefficient of resistance. The Borides Powder of Ti, Zr, and Hf have better conductivity than their metals.
The creep resistance of boride is very good, which is very important for gas turbines and rockets that require materials to work at high temperatures for a long time, and can maintain strength, resist deformation, resist corrosion, and heat shock. Various alloys or cermets based on Borides Powder, carbides, and nitrides can be used to manufacture rocket structural components, aviation equipment components, turbine components, sample holders for high-temperature material testing machines and instrument components, bearings, and measuring high-temperature Cone head for hardness, and some structural parts of nuclear energy device, etc.
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