Wide application of calcium nitride powder

Introduction of calcium nitride Ca3N2 powder
Calcium nitride is a solid brown nitride powder and an inorganic compound with constituent elements calcium and nitrogen and represented by the chemical formula Ca3N2. It has various isomorphs forms, and α-calcium nitride is more commonly encountered. Calcium nitride powder possesses the characteristics of high purity and uniform particle size distribution.In most cases, calcium nitride can usually be used in large quantities.Calcium nitride is the main raw material of high-end phosphor.The phosphor is more stable, provides better performance, and performs better at high temperatures and humidity. The calcium nitride can also be used as a chemical treatment agent, which is the key to determining the performance of water-based mud.


How is calcium nitride Ca3N2 powder made?
When calcium burns in the air, it forms Ca3N2 with the oxide CaO. The distilled fibrous metallic calcium is heated to 450°C in a purified nitrogen stream, and then the metallic calcium is nitrided into calcium nitride after 3-4 hours.
Depending on the preparation temperature, the obtained calcium nitride is black at 350°C, milky white at 350 to 1150°C, or golden yellow at 1150°C or higher. It is easy to identify the calcium nitride formed because it can react with moisture or water and produce calcium hydroxide and ammonia..
Applications of calcium nitride Ca3N2 powder

Calcium nitride is an important chemical reagent and has important uses in the chemical industry.Calcium nitride can be used to obtain reactive nitride ions.
In addition, calcium hydride can be produced by heating calcium nitride with hydrogen at a temperature higher than 350°C. Calcium hydride is a reducing agent, desiccant, and chemical analysis agent.
Used in powder metallurgy.
When heated from 600°C to 1000°C, metal oxides such as zirconium, niobium, and hafnium can be reduced to obtain corresponding metal powders.
Calcium nitride is an essential hydrogen storage material. Hydrogen energy is completely pollution-free renewable energy, and it is also an ideal green renewable resource.
Calcium nitride is the main raw material for high-end phosphors. This kind of phosphor is more stable, has better performance, and the effect of high temperature and high humidity is better.
Calcium nitride can also be used as a chemical treatment agent, which is the key to determining the performance of water-based mud.

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