ZrB2 can be synthesized


What is Zirconium diboride?

A tetragonal ZrO2 phase (nominated as T-ZrO2) was detected among the remaining materials in the sample that was milled for 13 min (the ignition point). Zirconium dioxide transformed from its monoclinic crystal structure at room temperature to a tetragonal form due to the significant temperature rise resulting from the highly exothermic MSR reaction. Because the cooling rate after ignition is very high, traces of transformed zirconia remain in the tetragonal state at room temperature. A very slight amount of elemental Zr was detected in the XRD pattern for the sample milled for 13 min, most likely due to the incomplete reaction of reduced zirconium with boron. Elemental boron, which may remain due to the incomplete reaction with zirconium, could not be detected, most likely due to its very little quantity and amorphization due to rapid cooling after ignition.


The mechanistic study of the formation of ZrB2–Al2O3 composite

The mechanistic study of the formation of ZrB2–Al2O3 composite during milling in the present work can be divided into two sections. The study of involved sub-reactions initially investigated the overall reaction. In the second step, the effect of boron oxide amount on the nature of the reaction was studied. To form zirconium diboride, zirconium and boron elements must be obtained by reducing their corresponding oxides. The reaction between these two elements can subsequently form ZrB2. According to the adiabatic temperatures (Tad) and enthalpy values of the above reactions, Reas. 2 and 4 meet the required conditions to satisfy Merzhanov’s criterion to proceed self-sustaining. However, the reduction of ZrO2 by Al does not satisfy these conditions, and it is anticipated to proceed gradually as an ordinary reaction.


ZrB2 can be synthesized

When Al, B2O3, and ZrO2 are all present in one system. Consequently, ZrB2 can be synthesized by the reaction between these two elements. The highly exothermic reaction of the reduced B and Zr can exert an additional amount of heat on the system, thus causing the further ZrO2 reduction to proceed more easily. All these three reactions occur simultaneously; thus, only one peak is observed in the pressure-time graph of the overall reaction. This postulation can be confirmed by a trace amount of residual zirconium as the XRD pattern just after the ignition time shows. Although elemental boron was not detected in the XRD pattern, it may be present due to the incomplete reaction of ZrB2 formation and the remaining elemental zirconium. Boron can possibly be interpreted as being present in an amorphous form if this possible mechanism is factual.


Price of Zirconium diboride

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