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2020-2023 China's Bearing Industry Layout and Upstream and Downstream Associations

Bearings are an essential part of contemporary mechanical equipment. Its primary function is to support a rotating shaft or other moving body, guide rotation or movement, and bear the load transmitted by the shaft or the parts on the shaft. The following is an analysis of the layout of the bearing industry.

bearing industry

Analysis of the layout of the bearing industry. Due to China's vigorous development of machinery manufacturing in recent years, the downstream sector of the bearing industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for bearing products has continued to increase, making the sales revenue and total profit of the bearing industry continue to grow. With the development of China's industrial machinery and automobiles, the demand for supporting bearings has further increased. However, as the growth rate of the primary downstream demand market slows down, the scale growth of the bearing industry will also slow down. According to the analysis and prediction of the bearing industry, the market size of China's bearing industry is expected to reach 306.3 billion yuan by 2023.

2020-2023 China Bearing Industry Market Size Forecast (Unit: 100 million yuan)

Bearing industry layout

Bearings are essential mechanical parts, and the bearing industry is a technology-intensive, capital-intensive, and labor-intensive compatible industry. Due to the low barriers to entry and the lack of an exit mechanism, a large number of small-scale enterprises have made China's bearing industry less concentrated, and directly led to fierce competition in the Chinese bearing market. Now analyze the layout of the bearing industry from the two significant correlations.

①The relevance and influence of upstream industry and bearing industry

The primary raw material of the bearing industry is special steel, and the supply of upstream raw materials and price fluctuations have an impact on the bearing industry. Analysis of the layout of the bearing industry. On the one hand, the production of individual steel products in China has maintained rapid growth over the years, ensuring the supply of personal steel products in the bearing industry and fully meeting the quality requirements of raw materials for bearing production. On the other hand, the sharp fluctuations in the prices of primary raw materials and special steel in recent years have brought a certain amount of liquidity pressure and pressure on the risk management of stock price declines to bearing manufacturers. Due to the high proportion of special steel in production costs, the sales prices of various products have a higher correlation with the amount of special steel, and their price trends are the same.

②Relevance and impact of downstream industry and bearing industry

The downstream industries of the bearing industry are mainly construction machinery and heavy vehicles. Analysis of the layout of the bearing industry, "Stable growth, price control, structural adjustment, benefiting people's livelihood, grasping reform, and promoting harmony" are the themes of China's economic development this year. For the development of the company's business, the investment policy with guaranteed pressure will bring structural opportunities to bearings and gears (boxes).

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