A browser that works on the Apple Watch

µBrowser ($0.99) allows you to browse the Internet on your Apple Watch. If your phone runs out of power, your Apple Watch can still help you find things online.
This is an interesting little browser that runs pretty well on Apple Watch. You can already visit the webpage through Siri to view the search results on Apple, but this kind of experience prevents many desired-you from editing the URL. And your ability to manipulate Siri understands your queries and displays relevant results, but µ browser gives you more control.
How does the browser work on the Apple Watch? µ Browser is optimized for Apple Watch Series 7, so you can use the built-in keyboard to enter the website name. On older Apple Watches, you will have to rely on handwriting keyboards, dictation, or bookmark links. However, the fastest way to open various websites is to use µ-Browser’s iPhone companion app, which allows you to bookmark your favorite URLs and access them on the Apple Watch app.
You don’t want to use the µ-Law browser on the Apple Watch to replace the iPhone’s Safari or Google Chrome browser, but the µ-Law browser is safe when you open a website like Lifehacker.com, and it allows you to read it. Like this long article on the best Chrome browser extensions of 2021. The font size is a bit small, but it is large enough relative to the screen size of the Apple Watch.
µ browser also has some restrictions on watchOS. Unfortunately, every time you load a website, the browser will prompt you to "log in". Even if you are not logged in to any website, you must continue to click to continue to visit the website. The description of the app mentions that the app uses the watchOS authentication process, which forces you to accept this conversation. During the initial setup, you will see a page saying that this restriction will be removed as long as Apple allows developers to do so.
In addition, browsers cannot handle pages that use a lot of Javascript very well. Sometimes these pages will automatically reload, and elements such as video embeds or images may not load properly. You will also miss the "Back" button-this app will let you restart browsing every time.
For just one dollar, maybe the chance that it will come in handy one day is worth it. Sometimes it’s nice to find some new features on your Apple Watch.

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