A year later, Apple's MagSafe is still underwhelming

It looks like Apple has cracked the code and can easily fill the iPhone with accessories and even add modular new features. The company showed off its expensive new MagSafe case and wallet, which appears to be quickly in place, as well as faster wireless charging. The future looks bright.
As Bloomberg's Mark Gurman notes, two of Apple's first overpriced MagSafe accessories are already out of date. First, we learned on Friday that Apple's $129 MagSafe Duo charger doesn't give the Apple Watch Series 7 a quick charge. Second, Apple has replaced its $59 MagSafe leather wallet with a better version that supports a "Find me" feature so your phone can remember where it was when it was removed.
The new leather wallet with MagSafe also doesn't support Apple's $49 Clear Case with MagSafe, so hopefully, you won't buy anything that thinks it's futureproofed -- apparently, it blocks NFC tags, while MagSafe accessories like wallets are used to passively reveal your phone's identity.
While we're on the subject of cases, every official iPhone 12 case (and probably most third-party ones) isn't compatible with the iPhone 13 series because the camera bump is bigger this time around. I took advantage of the iPhone's "free" feature to upgrade to the iPhone 13 Mini.

But these are only the latest disappointments. It didn't take long for iPhone 12 buyers to figure out that, no, Apple's new cases don't fit as well as the Apple animations I showed you last year (see above and below). They still rely on an edge that grabs the phone's edge and requires pressure to insert and remove the phone.
Several Verge editors also complained that the $39 MagSafe charging cable wasn't long enough and that its quick disconnecting feature might help when used on a couch or bed -- but a year later, Apple is still selling the same 1-meter charging cable. Meanwhile, neither it nor the $129 MagSafe Duo comes with charging bricks, although the previous Apple USB-C chargers you might have (18W and 29W) aren't enough to power them at full speed. They require 20W and 30W chargers, which Apple sells for $19 and $49, respectively.
Although it took Apple nearly a year to release its MagSafe battery pack, we weren't impressed with its capacity. These are all examples of MagSafe's unusual lack of foresight.
Predictive power is usually one of Apple's strengths, with new products and technologies coming out only when the time is right. But the real tragedy of MagSafe's first year was the lack of a larger ecosystem. All this time we've been waiting for Apple to show us what MagSafe is capable of, and it's been preventing the rest of the world from leading the way -- using its MFi program and the manual charging limits built into the iPhone.
Combining the Qi wireless charging standard with generic magnets, MagSafe was supposed to be a custom and modular lightning rod. So far, Apple has insulated itself and us from these possibilities.

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