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AMD processors did not be better after the first updating of Windows 11

Earlier this week, Microsoft officially released a stable version of Windows 11. Since this is common in new software, there are several known problems with the initial release. On Tuesday, Microsoft introduced a new version that addresses some of these issues. However, a more obvious flaw remains: the poor performance of AMD Ryzen processors. The latest Windows update makes matters worse.

Currently, many AMD processors run slower on Windows 11. Specifically, AMD processors were affected by two issues: increased L3 cache latency and the "preferred core" not working properly. According to AMD's research, the performance impact of some games can be as high as 15%. When AMD officially confirmed the performance issue last week, it said the issue would be fixed in an upcoming Windows 11 update.
On the contrary, the first patch for Windows 11 worsened the performance problems. According to TechPowerUp, the first cumulative upgrade further reduced THE performance of AMD processors. Some tests conducted by the publication on Ryzen 7 2700X "Pinnacle Ridge" processors showed that L3 cache latency nearly doubled after the patch was released. Before the patch, the delay was around 17ns. But it has now jumped to 31.9 nanoseconds. For reference, the latency on Windows 10 is about 10ns. Similarly, Heise observed similar behavior in its tests on the Ryzen 5 5600G processor, recording a 40 nanosecond delay and 96 GB/s read/write throughput.
By comparison, on Windows 10, the same system has an L3 latency of 12.4 ns and a read/write throughput of 378 GB/s. AMD said a patch for the performance issue is ready and will be rolled out in the next few days. The L3 cache latency fix will arrive on October 19 via the Windows Update channel. Meanwhile, AMD will release its preferred core patch (UEFI-CPPC2) on October 21.

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