Advanced science: accurate temperature detection based on near infrared rare earth nanocrystals / quantum dots double excitation decoding strategy

near-infrared fluorescence ratio temperature sensor has the advantages of large tissue penetration depth low background fluorescence interference non-invasive detection so it has broad application prospects in biomedical field. In order to avoid the cross-talk between the two temperature sensitive fluorescence signals the fluorescence intensity ratio of near-infrared detection is used. However the attenuation coefficient of light in biological tissues is wavelength dependent so the ratio of the intensity of two non overlapping fluorescence emission is not only modulated by temperature but also related to the attenuation coefficient penetration depth of fluorescence signal in tissues. Therefore when using the traditional near-infrared fluorescence ratio temperature detection mode to detect the temperature in biological tissue the obtained temperature sensitive parameters will deviate from the real value due to the attenuation of light in the tissue resulting in temperature measurement deviation. Therefore how to achieve accurate temperature detection in biological tissues is still a serious challenge.

Chen Xueyuan research group of Fujian Institute of material structure Chinese Academy of Sciences proposed for the first time a double excitation decoding strategy based on rare earth nanocrystalline / quantum dot complex probe to achieve accurate temperature detection in biological tissues. Firstly the core-shell structure naluf4: Nd3 Gd3 @NaGdF4 Rare earth nanocrystals PbS@CdS@ZnS Quantum dots were self-assembled in micelles formed by amphiphilic molecules to construct rare earth nanocrystalline / quantum dot composite microspheres. Under 808 nm laser excitation the ratio of the emission intensity of two Nd3 ions from quantum dots nanocrystals at 1057 nm was defined as the temperature sensitive parameter. Then the team skillfully used the different optical absorption characteristics of quantum dots Nd3 ions selected another 830 nm laser with the same wavelength common path as 808 nm laser to separately excite the luminescence of quantum dots in the complex finally separated the overlapped emission signals at 1057 nm through this double excitation strategy calculated the emission intensity ratio as the temperature sensitive parameter. Furthermore the team experimentally verified the significant superiority of the double excitation decoding strategy compared with the traditional near-infrared fluorescence ratio temperature detection mode in the accuracy of temperature detection in biological tissues.
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