Advanced science: new development of optoelectronic information functional devices based on 2D materials

As the first member of the two-dimensional material family graphene won the Nobel Prize in physics in 2010. So far about 700 kinds of two-dimensional materials have been proved to be stable by experiment or theory. In the past decade two-dimensional materials have made breakthroughs in the basic physical research fields such as condensed matter physics materials science energy science electronics photonics optoelectronics as well as practical research fields such as photovoltaic devices semiconductors field-effect transistors electrodes batteries biological monitors sensors etc. which have attracted extensive attention of the scientific community. Among them the use of different 2D materials (such as graphene TMDs black phosphorus mxenes their van der Waals heterostructures) combined with rich carrier platforms such as optical fiber optical waveguide resonant cavity to develop new optoelectronic devices (such as lasers modulators photodetectors plasma generators sensors) has become a research hotspot in this field high-quality work is constantly reported.

in view of this Professor Yao Baicheng of University of Electronic Science technology of China Professor Zhang Han of Shenzhen University reviewed the recent development of optoelectronic information functional devices based on 2D materials published online in advanced with the title of "2D material optoelectronics for information functional device applications: Status challenges" The two-dimensional materials of

in science have abundant b gaps ranging from 0 to several electron volts which support the interaction between ultra wideb light matter from deep ultraviolet to microwave. The combination of various two-dimensional materials further enhances the diversity of photoelectron response. At the same time two-dimensional materials with their unique atom level flexibility can be geometrically assembled on various existing optoelectronic structures based on metal quartz silicon-based super crystal other materials through direct growth indirect transfer technology can play a role in both on-chip optical fiber systems. Furthermore it has brought about revolutionary technological breakthroughs in the nanoscale such as multi b mode-locked lasing high efficiency optical / electrical optical / optical conversion single molecule biochemical detection broadb plasmon excitation electronic frequency comb generation. These innovations in theoretical design material preparation integration technology engineering application provide new impetus for the vigorous development of two-dimensional materials in advanced optical information devices also bring new unknowns new challenges: more new two-dimensional materials (such as two-dimensional perovskite TOPO insulator) more new engineering technologies (such as material printing composite epitaxial growth) more advanced technology Many new interdisciplinary subjects (such as deep learning Life Science) more large-scale production are worthy of further exploration. The mineral resources of two-dimensional materials optoelectronics are far from exhausted.

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