AirPods are no longer cool, say those who can't afford them

It's not fashionable to wear AirPods these days, so there you go. Plus, they "radiate" you, anyway, and all the celebrities have gone back to wired headphones.
Apple usually can't produce enough AirPods, but copycats can. But instead of a big hit, Apple has replaced it with a new idea that claims to be sold out by those wearing it.
According to the Wall Street Journal, AirPods "has become too common to be cool."Some celebrities you haven't heard of have been objecting to all wireless headphones and staying firmly connected.
Plus, if you need it, you can watch the TikTok video to help explain how to use wired headphones, according to the Wall Street Journal.
There are, however, practical problems. The first and most important is price.

If you can't afford AirPods for more than $129, you can't. So you can use cheaper wired headphones that at least sound better than cheap knockoffs.
If you can afford those things, there are no doubt other things you can buy for $129, $179, or $249.
However, wired headphones are harder to lose than wireless ones, the Wall Street Journal agrees. Plus, they're easier to charge -- because you don't need to charge them at all.
There are also reported claims that the radiation from AirPods can harm you."Don't do it again," the FDA didn't say, but it might as well have. The FDA did say that Bluetooth headsets are harmless.
So it only comes down to the amount of power in your battery and the charge to your bank account.
But beyond the practical issues, there's an argument that using wired headphones means you're telling the world that you don't trust this tech-savvy feeling. Or rather, you choose your precise technical cycles very carefully.
The Wall Street Journal spoke with Shelby Hull, marketing coordinator for Rostrum Records and owner of the @WireditGirls account.
The online movement is part of a "huge romanticization and Renaissance in the Tumblr era," Ms. Hull said. If you missed the era and foolishly thought Tumblr still mattered, let's explain that it meant 2014. Obviously.
"People see music as a total aesthetic experience, not just an actual consumption," Says Hull."Low-fidelity technology is seen more as an aesthetic experience, and it contributes to that cool element."
No one will tell the sports stars and music stars who happened to be photographed wearing apple's wireless headphones just before they were released.

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