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Anti-icing Application of Superhydrophobic Materials in Power Systems

With the construction and networking of UHV transmission lines, the safety and stability of transmission lines are becoming more and more important. Ice coating is very harmful and will have a great impact on the actual power system, seriously reducing the power supply capacity of equipment, affecting the power demand of users, and even dangerous accidents. Therefore, the impact of ice coating on the power system cannot be ignored.
There is no good solution to the problem of preventing icing in the world. Researchers around the world have done a lot of experiments and research on this problem, and the research results are very few, and there are fewer technologies that can be used in practice. The solution to the icing of the power system is very limited.

Introduction to Superhydrophobic Surfaces

The anti-icing coating is a coating that is not easy for ice to adhere to. The coating made of this new material weakens the adhesion of the ice body, so that the ice can be easily separated from the coating, thereby achieving the removal The purpose of ice, but this material can not completely isolate the interference of icing problems. Water droplets will gradually freeze at the condensation point. This is a natural physical process. If you want to prevent the formation of icing, you need to let the water droplets detach from the anti-icing coating as quickly as possible to prevent the water droplets from icing on the surface. 

Waterproof Mechanism of Superhydrophobic Materials

The research and development of superhydrophobic materials is inspired by nature, which is inspired by the hydrophobic structure mechanism of the lotus leaf. The surface of the lotus leaf has many fine tissue structures, the size is as small as nanometers. It is precisely because of the existence of this fine structure that water drops It is difficult to stay on the surface of the lotus leaf, because the contact between the lotus leaf and the water droplet is very small, and the resistance of the water droplet is reduced accordingly, so that it is easy to make the water drop off the lotus leaf.
Through specific experiments on the superhydrophobic material coating, it can be known that the smaller the contact area between the object and the surface, the less frictional force it receives, which makes it easier to separate from the superhydrophobic material coating surface, so it is difficult for water droplets to adhere On this material, in the case of ice coating, this material can prolong the freezing time of water droplets, which helps to reduce the accumulation of ice coating.

Application of Super Hydrophobic Surface in Power System

In today's actual market application and production, many power equipment have used super-hydrophobic material coatings, through this coating to reduce the formation and accumulation of icing, thereby solving icing to a large extent This world-wide technical problem is difficult to handle.
1. an insulator
Research on the application of super-hydrophobic icing in power systems mainly focuses on the anti-icing of insulators. Many research institutions and scholars at home and abroad are trying to prepare superhydrophobic coatings suitable for insulator strings. Especially in the early stage of ice coating, the hydrophobic coating has a great influence on the weight and morphology of the ice coating. Therefore, super-hydrophobic coatings have strong application potential in anti-icing insulators.
2. Generator fan
High-altitude areas have unique geographical advantages and are ideal installation locations for wind turbines. However, due to the low temperature environment in high-altitude areas, the actual working performance of the generator is greatly affected by the environment. Scientific research on superhydrophobic material coatings for climatic environments.

The Development Prospects of Superhydrophobic Coatings

The surface of super-hydrophobic materials has extremely high market value and will be widely used in the anti-icing technology of power systems in the future. At present, the pressure resistance of the material coating is insufficient, and it is easily deformed and damaged under the action of external force. As a new type of material, the superhydrophobic material has a high production cost and is not easy to be promoted. If the materials are optimized and improved, the application of super-hydrophobic materials in the anti-icing of electrical equipment is very expected, and will have broader application value and development prospects.

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