Apple's new patent, see the content on the iPhone through special glasses

The US Patent & Trademark Office announced a new patent filed by Apple this week. The patent discloses a privacy feature that aims to display the content on the iPhone through special glasses so that only mobile phone users can see the content on the screen.
According to a patent Apple report, the patent application refers to a system that can display "visual correction graphic output and standard graphic output" on electronic devices.
Interestingly, one of the features described in this patent is "privacy glasses".  which can prevent people around you from seeing the content on the screen of your device because the only way to see the content on the screen is through glasses. There are rumors that Apple is developing its mixed reality headset, and this feature may become a huge selling point for this product.
A key new dimension discussed in this patent application includes "privacy glasses".In some embodiments, the user may interact with the calibration graphic to intentionally obscure the graphic output displayed on the device (iPhone) display. If the user wants to protect privacy or does not want people nearby to see the content displayed on the monitor, the user can interact with the calibration graph to make the graph output illegible.
In addition to new privacy technologies, Apple seems to be developing personal data for Face ID. The patent describes another system that can recognize unique details of a user's face, such as hairstyle, beard, beard, glasses, no glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses, and so on.
Adding personal information to Face ID may be a big step forward for using this type of technology on Mac computers because Touch ID allows users to quickly switch accounts by simply placing their right finger on the sensor.
Of course, it is worth noting that Apple will not necessarily use its patents in actual products. However, it is interesting to see that this company is working on technologies that add more value to its ecosystem.

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