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Brief introduction of iPod touch

In 2001, Apple introduced the first iPod, which changed the world of portable music players. In the long run, it wasn't the first portable MP3 player -- Internet folklore still remembers early critiques, like this one on Slashdot: "No wireless. Less space than a nomad. It won't stand."
The first iPod Touch released a few months after the original iPhone, looked strikingly similar, with a 3.5-inch LCD(Apple's typical 3:2 aspect ratio at the time) and a Home button. The most interesting thing about the iPod touch was that it ran iOS (it was called iPhoneOS at the time). That makes it a full-fledged smart device. Of course, it's not a smartphone, but it has Wi-Fi support and a web browser. With the release of iOS 2, it will also be available on the App Store.
The iPod has the same screen as the iPhone, uses the same chipset (412MHz single-core ARM CPU),and has the same memory (128MB). It can play the same games and run the same apps as the iPhone. It's a powerful entertainment device, just as powerful as the iPhone, except it doesn't have the ability to handle calls and texts, or move data.
An important side effect of early iPod devices was that they helped Apple launch iTunes in 2001 and the iTunes Store a few years later. In this way, Apple has built good relationships with music studios and gained valuable experience dealing with pocket electronics.
All of this is the foundation of one of the company's biggest sources of revenue today: the App Store. Those ties to the entertainment industry have not gone to waste, either, with Apple still selling music, TV shows, movies, and books. After years of developing portable electronics, Apple is poised to unveil its next big thing, the iPhone. It will continue to eat into the iPod's market share to extinction, but judging from the company's financial reports, no one can criticize the move. That's how the first iPod Touch was born, with the end of the line.
Who needs a dedicated MP3 player these days? Your phone can do that. Smartwatches can do the same. Some TWS headphones even have built-in memory, so they can play their music. The iPod is one of the most successful portable electronic devices of all time. In some ways, it is a victim of its success, but a more positive way to look at it is that it helped spawn the most successful smartphone series of all time.

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