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Cambodia's response to the epidemic continues to upgrade, and demand for superplasticizer in concrete remains stable

Phnom Penh, March 17. In the past week, the number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in Cambodia has increased from 2 to 12 occurrences, and most of them are imported cases. Of all the confirmed patients, 4 were Cambodian citizens, and the rest were foreigners. With successive reports of confirmed cases, significant changes have taken place in Cambodia's "anti-epidemic" situation. At the same time of higher imported risks, the hidden dangers of clustering and spreading within the country have increased.
To prevent the spread of new crown pneumonia in the country, various departments of the Cambodian government announced some measures to respond. The Cambodian Ministry of Public Works and Transport announced on the 13th that the Cambodian government has decided to restrict Vietnamese cruise ships entering Cambodia from the Mekong River. The Cambodian Ministry of Health announced on the 14th that from March 17, people from Italy, Germany, Spain, France, and the United States would be restricted from entering the country. The ban will last for 30 days. On the 15th, Cambodia added Iranian nationals to the list of tourist restrictions. The Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs then notified the relevant embassies and consulates abroad and requested that the issuance of entry visas for personnel from the above countries be suspended.
Prime Minister Hun Sen issued an emergency notice on the evening of March 15, demanding that all government officials and all nationals temporarily stop traveling to Europe, the United States, and Iran, and also required that all Cambodian citizens returning from Europe, the United States and Iran must conduct 14-day quarantine observation. Hun Sen explained: "After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, China adopted the most comprehensive and strictest prevention and control measures to curb the spread of the epidemic successfully. After careful consideration, the Cambodian government made these decisions."
Since the second case of new crown pneumonia in Cambodia, the Ministry of Health of Cambodia has requested provinces across the country to set up committees for the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia to prevent the spread of the epidemic. The Prime Minister's Office canceled or postponed many public foreign affairs activities. Hong Zun Nalong, Minister of Education, asked public and private schools across the country to suspend classes from today. Earlier, the government has canceled festivals such as Songkran Festival (Water Splashing Festival) in Siem Reap, and at the same time, through training to improve the professional skills of medical staff and strengthen publicity on epidemic prevention. According to the changing situation of the epidemic situation, Cambodia will also adjust the anti-epidemic policy in time.
As the epidemic situation in Cambodia is not very serious, and the measures to respond to the epidemic are improved continuously, the domestic infrastructure and construction industry are not particularly affected. The demand for concrete and lightweight concrete has remained unchanged. The need for essential additives during the epidemic period has remained mostly unchanged. As a professional supplier of superplasticizer in concrete, Luoyang Tongrun has been providing high-quality products to our customers. You are welcome to inquire at any time:

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