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Can U.S.stocks stop falling after epic skyrocketing, affecting demand for water-reducing admixtures

Grand U.S.U.S. stocks skyrocket! Can the Dow soar 2100 points to end the global stock market decline?
Affected by the epidemic and other factors, the global stock market is turbulent, especially the U.S.U.S. stock market has experienced four fuses within ten days. Witnessing history, even the stock god Buffett said that he had lived this age for the first time to see this situation, which can not help but alarm investors. The arrival of Black Monday after another has left many people "heart-wrenched." In the prior period, the Federal Reserve and other countries around the world have launched several measures to save the market and boost the economy. Unfortunately, the early effects were not visible. But just yesterday, the global stock market counterattacked. U.S.U.S. stocks skyrocketed. After the three major stock indexes opened higher, Constantly higher, the Dow soared by 2,100 points, an increase of more than 11%, the most significant single-day increase since 1993, standing at 20,000 points, and the U.S.U.S. stocks seemed to rise from a bear market to a bull market all at once.
The popularity of U.S.U.S. stocks has also contributed to the rise of many commodities. Apple rose more than 10.03% to return to the trillion-dollar market value. Microsoft rose 9.09%, Facebook rose 8.7%, Google rose 7.2%, and Amazon rose 1.96%. At the same time, Energy stocks and financial stocks also rose, ConocoPhillips rose 25.17%, Chevron rose 23.09%, Morgan Stanley rose 19.42%, Bank of America rose 16.32%. Alibaba, Jingdong, Baidu, and other companies listed in the U.S.U.S. also have ushered in varying degrees of swelling.
The good news from U.S.U.S. stocks has also made the entire financial market favorable. The three major European stock indexes have ushered in a surge. Today the Asia-Pacific stock market has also collectively surged. The A-share GEM index has continued to become famous after the opening. I have to say that the collective improvement of multiple stock markets can also inject confidence into the market.
The popularity of various stock markets has also driven the overall development of the global market, and many investors have said that they are finally coming to an end. However, the growth of the stock market is a good director does not mean that the stock market decline caused by the epidemic is about to end; at least it is not yet guaranteed. Still, after the ups and downs of the global stock market this year, it is presumed that the investor's mentality of stress has reached a passing level. Last night, G7 finance ministers also issued a joint statement saying that they were actively taking action to launch various measures to release panic and promote the healthy development of global stock markets.
This crazy increase in U.S.U.S. stocks and rescue measures taken by various countries have greatly increased confidence in the market's improvement. With the improvement of market capital, various industries are also expected to usher in improvement. Water reducing admixtures, as necessary additives in the construction and infrastructure industries, will definitely be affected by market capital, the stock market will rise sharply, and the development momentum of various industries will grow rapidly, and vice versa. As a high-quality supplier, Luoyang Tongrun can provide water-reducing admixtures with excellent performance in various countries. Multiple types of water-reducing admixtures produced by our company can meet the needs of various concrete and lightweight concrete. If you need water-reducing admixtures, please feel free to contact us:

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