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Capture One Launch a App for Photo Capture and Editing

Over the past two years, Capture One has been working hard to expand its service and make it a better choice for professionals and the wider user base. With Capture One 22 on the horizon and a new iPad app due early next year, the company is far from done and says an iPhone app will be next.
Rafael Orta, chief executive of Capture One, spoke at length with PetaPixel about the company's recent decision and what to expect in the coming months. First, traditional Capture One users can look forward to Capture One 22's HDR and panoramic splicing capabilities, which will be released in December.
"This is the result of quite a long period of work," Horta said. "Anyone who hasn't been exposed to the latest version of Capture One will see a huge increase in speed, efficiency, and performance."
But that's not enough to create a solid desktop experience. Orta and Capture One want to serve as many people as possible.
Orta says the company has captured a feature available on the Web, such as the capture trial function added to allow photographers to share what is captured during a shoot, avoiding what studio photographers call "surveillance crowding" as everyone gathers in one display. The company also made it clear that it plans to release an iPad app, which Horta said is currently in Alpha internally but will be available in beta early next year.
A developer works on two monitors.
Capture One, he says, has been working hard to develop a cloud service that allows them to access projects seamlessly and synchronously across multiple devices.
The next important thing for Capture One is the user interface, which is highly customizable on the desktop and One of the defining features of the application. The company works hard to translate its experience to devices that don't necessarily benefit from this customization.
"We realized that the iPad had a different form factor, so we were able to innovate around the look," says Mr. Horta. "We've designed a whole new UI for it that's perfect for tablets.
It doesn't allow you to do all the things you can do on Capture One for Mac and Windows, so we're going to be thinking very carefully about the tools and editing features that we're introducing on the tablet."
Developers are working on an early version of the iPad app.
Orta believes there is a place for capturing a person's hand not necessarily for high-end professionals and what they want but also for those who "climb the ladder" to edit and ultimately may want to jump to a desktop application.
"We asked ourselves if there is a separate mobile app, is it an iPad app or an iPhone app or both?
But is there a simpler version of Capture One that doesn't compromise our core values, like color and fast binding, but has a fundamentally different UI?"
Capture One app running on the iPad This is an early look at the Capture One app for the iPad. As the company refined its iPad experience, the process raised logical questions about the next product, Mr. Horta said, and the iPhone immediately became a topic of discussion. It was a natural process for him and his team.
"We saw amazing optics and sensors, and the ability to capture RAW, which we think creates a pathway to have meaningful applications in smartphones," Horta said.
"We are still in the early stages.
"We've spent most of the year working on how to bring the graphics core to iOS, and because we're now in the iPad development phase, we're starting to explore the next logical form factor."
Orta couldn't provide a timeline for photographers' expected iPhone app, but given the company's ability to quickly build an iPad app and launch a beta in early 2022, it shouldn't be too long.

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