Characteristics and Application of Wire EDM

The so-called wire electric discharge cutting is to use a moving filament (with a diameter of about 0.5mm) as an electrode to generate a spark discharge between the electrode wire and the workpiece, and at the same time drive the workpiece according to the required shape for machining.
Features of Wire EDM
(1) It uses 0.03-0.35mm metal wire as the electrode tool, and there is no need to manufacture specific shaped electrodes.
(2) Although the object to be processed is mainly a flat shape, in addition to the minimum diameter R (wire radius + discharge gap) of the inner leg determined by the wire diameter, any restriction, any complicated beginning is OK Machining.
(3) The machining allowance required for contour machining is small, which can effectively save valuable materials.
(4) The electrode wire loss can be ignored (high-speed wire cutting adopts low-loss pulse power; slow wire cutting adopts one-way continuous wire supply, and always maintains new electrode wire machining in the machining area), high speed machining accuracy
(5) Relying on the microcomputer to control the electrode wire trajectory and the gap compensation function, the gap can be adjusted arbitrarily when machining both concave and convex molds at the same time.
(6) With the use of emulsion or deionized working fluid, there is no need to worry about fire, and it can be processed continuously day and night without people.
(7) Regardless of the hardness of the workpiece to be processed, it can be processed as long as it is a conductor or semiconductor material.
(8) Any part with a complicated beginning can be processed as long as the machining program can be programmed, so it is very suitable for the production and machining of small batches of parts and trial products, with short machining cycle and flexible application.
(9) Using four-axis linkage, it can process top and bottom special-shaped bodies, shape-distorted curved surfaces, variable taper and spherical parts.
Application of Wire EDM
1. Trial production of new products
In the new product development process, a single sample is needed, and the parts are directly cut by wire cutting, without the need for molds, which can greatly shorten the development cycle of new products and reduce the cost of trial production. For example, in the stamping production, when the blanking die is not opened, the wire-cut sample is used for subsequent machining such as forming, and the blanking die is manufactured after verification.
2. Machining special materials
When cutting some metals with high hardness and high melting point, it is almost impossible to use machining methods, and the use of wire cutting is economical and accurate.
3. Machining mold parts
Wire EDM is mainly used in electrode machining of punching dies, extrusion dies, plastic molds, EDM machining cavity molds, etc. Due to the rapid increase in the speed and accuracy of wire EDM, it has reached a level that can compete with coordinate grinders. degree. For example, small and medium-sized punching dies are made of die steel. In the past, they were processed by separate molds and curved grinding methods. Now they are processed by wire EDM as a whole. The manufacturing cycle can be shortened by 3/4~5/4 and the cost can be reduced by 2 /3~3/4, with high matching accuracy, no skilled operation is required. Therefore, the precision punching and grinding processes in some industrially developed countries have been replaced by EDM and WEDM.
Application fields of wire EDM
Flat shape metal mold machining
Machining of punching dies, powder metallurgy dies, drawing dies, and extrusion dies
Three-dimensional metal mold machining
Undercut machining of dies for punching dies, separation surface machining of metal stamping dies for plastics, plastic molds, etc.
Electrode production for EDM
Machining of fine electrodes with complicated shapes, machining of electrodes for general perforation, machining of electrodes with taper molds
Prototype and parts machining
Direct machining of trial-produced parts, machining of parts with small batches and many varieties, machining of special materials, machining of material samples
Machining of contour gauges
Machining of various chuck measuring tools, machining of cams and templates, forming machining of forming turning tools
Chemical fiber nozzle machining, special-shaped groove and narrow groove machining, standard defect machining

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