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China has more 3d Knitted sports shoe factories, how to get the cheapest sports shoes

The Fly-Nik upper is a single layer upper that is almost completely seamless, using 3D integrated molding technology, using yarns of various colors as raw materials, and using a new weaving process. The biggest characteristic of this kind of upper is lightness, fit, and breathability. Once Flyk-Nik technology was launched, it was widely concerned by people in the industry.

The fly-Nik upper has great breathability, lightness, and fit. The 3D three-dimensional upper is pre-programmed by the computer and then knitted integrally, which greatly reduces the various processes of the upper and directly forms with the sole. , But the entire production method of sports shoes.

The running shoes that use the Flyk-Nik upper have all the characteristics of the above running shoe types, which are more lightweight, breathable and comfortable, and fit the feet more closely after wearing, making the feet more comfortable and sporty. This is why light running shoes will develop in the direction of flying woven upper technology.

Yanshi, China has been producing Flyk-Nik shoes for many years, and there are thousands of shoe factories here. Yanshi's shoemaking history began in 1956, and Yanshi County's shoe factory established in 1979 can be said to be the cradle of Yanshi's shoe industry achievements. Zhang Jun, Secretary-General of Yanshi City Shoe Industry Association, introduced that most of the earliest self-employed local shoemakers came from this factory, and now the larger shoe companies are mostly related to this factory. BEITE is one of them. Nowadays, the scale of his enterprise is continuously expanding, and the newly-built factory has been put into use.

It is understood that by the end of 2020, there were more than 600 local shoe-making enterprises, 460 related supporting enterprises, 60 above-scale enterprises, about 100,000 employees in the industry, and an annual output of about 500 million pairs of various types of cloth shoes, with an output value of 90 100 million yuan, accounting for more than one-third of the national cloth shoes market share. Nearly 50% of Flyk-nik shoes in the Chinese market are produced by Yanshi's local shoe manufacturers.

BEITE knitted running shoes are slender shoes with elastic band at the mouth. The elastic band can be stretched and stretched to fit the foot. During running, the elongation performance is better. There is enough pulling force to control the shoe from falling on the foot, and the foot will not sway arbitrarily in the shoe, greatly reducing the possibility of foot injury during sports. Shrink shoes elastic band feels a bit tight when you start to wear, just loosen the laces. Small partners with high insteps or wide soles are recommended to buy a larger shoe size.

BEITE knitted running shoes are knitted fabrics as the name suggests. The material of the upper is a special functional fiber material. The advantage of this material is excellent breathability. The toe cap is designed with vents for blinds to keep the air flowing smoothly in the shoe during sports or processes. The upper is a knitted fabric, which can quickly guide the sweat and moisture generated from the human body away from the surface of the human skin, and spread to all around, accelerate the volatilization, keep it fresh and breathable for a long time, avoid breeding bacteria and an odor due to the humidity of the internal environment.

The BEITE logo on the heel of the BEITE knitted running shoes enhances the overall fashion sense of the running shoes. It not only has the feel of professional running shoes but also meets the needs of street fashion. Runners not only pay attention to the sense of foot but also choose trendy fashion shoes.

The laces of BEITE knitted running shoes are flat and easy to tie. Compared with the circular shoelace, this design greatly reduces the situation where the shoelace loosens during running.

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