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Closure of Belgium, production of cellular foam concrete project suspended

Brussels, March 17, Belgian Prime Minister Wilmes held a press conference after the meeting of the National Security Council on the 17th to announce that to combat the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Belgium will implement " "City closure," the end time is tentatively scheduled for April 5.

Wilmes said that according to the meeting's decision that day, except for commuting, purchasing food, medicine, medical treatment, and other specific circumstances, the people of the country must stay at home and prohibit all assembly and gatherings.

Enterprises with conditions must conduct remote offices; except for food stores Outside drugstores, animal food stores, and bookstores, ordinary stores are closed, supermarkets are restricted in traffic, and all bazaars are closed; public transportation continues to operate, but social distance must be maintained between passengers.

Wilmes said that the Belgian border would not be closed, but "non-essential" departures such as outbound travel are prohibited.

The police will supervise the above measures. After April 5, they will decide whether to continue.

As of the 17th, a total of 1243 cases of new coronal pneumonia have been confirmed in Belgium, ten have died, and 15 have been discharged.

The epidemic affects the whole world. There is no distinction between big and small countries under the epidemic. The economy is concerned, and the construction industry and even light foam concrete producers cannot buy light foam concrete admixtures. The entire production chain is in a paralyzed state. Faced with a new type of coronavirus with a high risk of infection, we must use scientific epidemic prevention methods, wear masks, go out less frequently, disinfect frequently, and gather less than many people. Don't be blindly optimistic; don't be lucky; there are no small numbers of celebrities in the United States and Italy. Therefore, strict self-protection must be achieved.

The epidemic brought short-term economic shocks to Belgium and various countries, with economic growth slowing down or even harmful. These are temporary, and we also hope that all nations will join forces to fight the epidemic, share their experience, and help each other.  Tongrun is a professional foam concrete admixture and technical service provider. It can provide cellular foam concrete additives such as foaming agents, high range water reducer, early strength agents, foam stabilizers, and so on. Under the epidemic situation, if there is a demand for quality and quantity, you can directly send an email to to communicate.

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