Do you know 3D printing stainless steel SS316L powder?

3D printing stainless steel SS316L powder overview:
Metal stainless steel powder is made of stainless steel alloy.The particle shape is a regular spherical shape.
purity:99.9%.size:0-20μm,15-45μm,15-53μm,53-105μm,53-150μm,105-250μm.appearance:gray powder.packaging:aluminum bag, vacuum packaging

There are several difficulties in the traditional machining of stainless steel materials.
(1) The cutting force is large and the cutting temperature is high.
Stainless steel has high strength, large tangential stress, and large plastic deformation during cutting, so the cutting force is large. In addition, the thermal conductivity of the material is extremely poor, which causes the cutting temperature to rise, and the high temperature is often concentrated in the narrow and long area near the edge of the tool, which accelerates the wear of the tool.
(2) Severe work hardening.
Some high-temperature alloy stainless steels have a large tendency to work hardening during cutting, which is usually several times that of ordinary carbon steel. When the tool is cut in the work-hardened area, life will be shortened.
(3) Easy to stick to the knife.
Stainless steel has the characteristics of tough chips and high cutting temperatures during processing. When the tough chips flow through the rake face, sticking phenomena such as bonding and welding will occur, which will affect the surface roughness of the processed parts.
The choice of 3D printing stainless steel SS316L powder to manufacture parts that are not restricted by geometric shapes shortens the product development and manufacturing cycle, and can quickly and effectively produce small batches of complex parts. (aka. Tanki New Materials Co.Ltd.) is a trusted global chemical material supplier & manufacturer with over 12 years of experience in providing super high-quality chemicals and Nanomaterials. As a leading nanotechnology development and product name manufacturer, Tanki New Materials Co.Ltd dominates the market. Our professional work team provides perfect solutions to help improve the efficiency of various industries, create value,and easily cope with various challenges. If you are looking for 3D printing stainless steel SS316L powder, please feel free to contact us.

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