Explosive Growth in the Philippine Construction Industry Will bring Massive Demand for Superplasticizer

From China Cement Network, BMI Research, a Fitch research institute, points out that the Philippine construction market is expected to grow at an average growth rate of 11.2% from 2017 to 2021. This will make the Philippines the world's best and fastest-growing construction. The market, which will also drive the growth in demand for building materials.

According to the press release, some cement plants in the Philippines have announced plans to expand production capacity to meet the growing demand for cement. According to BMI research, "Transportation and communication are currently the biggest weaknesses facing the government, so vigorously carrying out related infrastructure construction is the government's primary goal." The gradual start to get rid of the original PPP model is also the government's efforts to overcome its significant private investment variables. Bottlenecks. Since 2010, only 5 of the 56 PPP-based infrastructure investment plans have started. The Duterte government has received a lot of financial support from China and Japan. For example, China signed a US $ 24 billion investment agreement with the Philippines in 2016. Japan also signed a US $ 8.7 billion investment agreement in January 2017. The Philippines Like other governments, the government wants to continue to strengthen its economic and political influence across the Philippines by improving its infrastructure.
This is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for Chinese enterprises. China's construction enterprises have a specific scale and capabilities, especially first-level qualified enterprises. Most of them have muscular technical strength, robust construction teams, and high standards. The level of management staff can undertake construction and solicit large-scale engineering projects.
China's construction enterprises have different professional characteristics and advantages. The types of projects they undertake include nuclear power stations, hydropower stations, thermal power stations, and other energy projects; textile, food, machinery manufacturing, and other industrial projects; highways, railways, airports, Transportation projects such as docks; municipal projects such as coal, tap water, and sewage treatment; commercial facilities such as restaurants and office buildings; and residential buildings. Especially in terms of geotechnical engineering, engineering structure earthquake resistance, comprehensive blasting, large-scale structure and equipment hoisting, prestressed concrete and large volume concrete, etc., the technical level of some construction enterprises has reached or approached the advanced international level.
A large amount of concrete production demand will bring a large number of concrete additives. Superplasticizer, as an indispensable additive in real production, plays a role in reducing the amount of specific water, increasing the strength, and increasing the ease of mixing the concrete. As a supplier of superplasticizer, Luoyang Tongrun Company will provide our customers with high-quality water-reducing agents at any time. Welcome customers to call us for inquiries. Email can be sent to tech@cie-china.org.

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