Four preparation methods of titanium nitride

Preparation of titanium nitride
1. Metal titanium powder or TiH2 direct nitridation method
Uses titanium powder under nitrogen or hydrogen atmosphere, nitriding at 1273 ~ 1673K for 1 ~ 4h. After the product is crushed, repeat the operation several times to obtain stoichiometric titanium nitride powder. The equation is 2Ti + N2 = 2TiN. It can also be nitrided with metal hydride TiH2, which can react below 1273K. The equation is 2TiH2 + N2 = 2TiN + 2H2. The advantage of this method is that it is easy to operate and can obtain high-quality, Titanium nitride powder. Still, the disadvantage is that the raw material price is too high for mass production, and this process is prone to the powder sintering phenomenon, resulting in losses.
2. TiO2 carbothermal reduction nitridation method
TiO2 carbothermal reduction nitridation method uses TiO2 as raw material, carbonaceous graphite as reducing agent reacts with N2 to generate TiN, the synthesis temperature is 1380 ~ 1800 ℃, and the reaction time is about 15h. In this reaction environment, carbon not only reacts with oxygen, but also reacts with titanium to form TiC, because the lattices of titanium carbide, titanium nitride, and titanium oxide are very close, and the three easily form a solid solution. The TiN obtained by this method is generally not high in purity and high in O and C content. To get TiN with low O and C content, higher reaction temperature and longer reaction time are required. In addition, some experts also adopted another method, that is, using magnesium powder and titanium oxide under a lower temperature condition to mix and react at a certain ratio to obtain titanium nitride.
3. The microwave carbothermal reduction method
Is an oxidation-reduction reaction using inorganic carbon as a reducing agent at a higher temperature. Domestic Liu Bingham and others used this method to prepare titanium nitride powder. The specific operation is as follows: using titanium oxide as the raw material, heating the carbon in a microwave until the temperature reaches 1200 ° C, and maintaining the reduction reaction at this temperature for 1 hour to obtain titanium nitride powder. Compared with the conventional method, the titanium nitride powder prepared by this method has higher purity and has the advantages of low synthesis temperature (reduced by 100 to 200 ℃ compared with the original), and short cycle (1/15 of the conventional method).
4. Chemical vapor deposition method
The chemical vapor deposition method uses gaseous TiCl4 as the raw material, H2 as the reducing agent, and N2 to generate TiN and the synthesis temperature is 1100 ~ 1500 ℃. Coatings on the surfaces of metals and ceramics use this process to enhance the hardness and wear resistance of ceramics and metals. This synthetic TiN has high purity, but the production efficiency is low, and the cost is high. This process is a common method for coating TiN film on the surface of metal, ceramics and other objects to make it beautiful.
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