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Gallium nitride-Can GaN change the pattern of the battery industry

The exit rate of the word gallium nitride is getting higher and higher, especially when the Xiaomi Mi 10 series was released at the beginning of the year, a wave of 65W gallium nitride (GaN) chargers was pushed by the way, and the entire industry was detonated, which also benefited Due to the popularization of the mobile phone fast charging, the corresponding charging equipment is also being upgraded. This year's 20W and 30W can no longer be regarded as the first echelon of fast charging, replaced by super fast charging such as 55W and 65W, super-fast charging in addition to the surface In addition to the fast charging speed on the Internet, it is accompanied by a larger charging head and a greater amount of heat. This promotes the popularity of GaN technology. Will GaN change the pattern of the battery industry?
First of all, let's review what a GaN charger is. GaN is a new type of semiconductor material that can replace silicon and germanium. The switching frequency of the GaN switch made of it is greatly increased, but the loss is smaller. In this way, the charger can use a smaller transformer and other inductive components, thereby effectively reducing the size, reducing heat, and improving efficiency.
Before the emergence of GaN technology, our mobile phone chargers, the internal components are made of silicon and germanium semiconductor materials, the switching frequency of this material itself is already very high. If you continue to increase the frequency, it will bring With the vast volume and higher heat generation, and the efficiency has become extremely low, so scientists have explored a new material, that is, gallium nitride and the switching frequency of the components made of it has been greatly increased. If the volume is smaller at the same power, the power is more significant at the same amount, and the size and heat are greatly improved. This efficiency is different.
With the continuous upgrade of hardware and network and the expansion of data, the demand for power of mobile phones is getting higher and higher. The outbreak of 5G this year, the battery capacity of mobile phones has reached more than 4000mAh, but the increase in size is not endless. Due to various constraints of weight and weight, the development of fast charging is another low-cost solution, which gives GaN an excellent performance opportunity. Even with ultra-high power such as 65W, the volume is minimal.
So for now, GaN is a perfect complement to the battery bottleneck, but not to reverse the progress of the battery. There is no trend to change the battery pattern for the time being, and the work of any electronic device is the inseparable Power supply. When we use the power supply, we hope that while the performance is strong enough, the size can be small enough, especially for notebook computers, in addition to the current application of GaN chargers in mobile phones, some power requirements Low-cost, thin and light, also uses GaN technology. In addition, in the field of electric vehicles, GaN is also a potential stock. For example, the Japanese research team has applied it to electric vehicles, making the car energy-saving more than 20% In the long run, gallium nitride has just entered the consumer field of vision, and there is still a lot of room for improvement and optimization. What will happen in the future, we have to wait and see.
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