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Gallium nitride application and application prospect

New electronic device
Gallium nitride with low heat generation rate and high breakdown electric field are important materials for developing high temperature and high power electronic devices and high-frequency microwave devices. At present, with the progress of MBE technology in the application of GaN materials and the breakthrough of key thin-film growth technology, a variety of heterogeneous GaN structures have been successfully grown. New devices such as metal field-effect transistor (MESFET), heterojunction field-effect transistor (HFET) and moddoping field-effect transistor (MODFET) have been fabricated from GaN material. Modulation-doped AlGaN/GaN structure has high electron mobility (2000cm2/v·s), high saturation rate (1×107cm/s) and low dielectric constant, so it is the preferred material for microwave devices. GaN has a wide bandgap (3.4eV) and sapphire material as the substrate, which has good heat dissipation performance and is conducive to the device working under high power conditions.
Photoelectric device
Gallium nitride is an ideal short-wavelength light-emitting device material. The band-gap of GaN and its alloy covers the spectral range from red to ultraviolet. Since the homogeneous GaN blue LED was developed in Japan in 1991, InGaN/AlGaN double heterojunction ultra-bright blue LED and InGaN single quantum well GaNLED came out successively. At present, Zcd and 6CD single quantum well GaN blue and green LED have entered the stage of mass production, thus filling the gap of blue LED in the market for many years. The development history of LED marked by luminous efficiency is shown in Figure 3. Blue light-emitting devices have a huge application market in high-density optical disk information access, all-optical display, laser printer and other fields. With the development of group ⅲ nitride materials and devices, GaInN ultra-high blue light and green light LED technology has been commercialized, and now the world's major companies and research institutions have invested heavily to join the competition of developing blue light LED.
Application prospect
For Gallium nitride, the density of heteroepitaxial defects is quite high due to the unsolved single crystal substrate for a long time, but the device level has been practical. In 1994, Riya Chemical Institute made 1200mcD LED, and in 1995 made Zcd Blue light (450nmLED), green light 12CD (520nmLED).
In 1998, Japan developed a 7-year plan to develop LED with wide-band ban nitride material. Its goal is to develop a high-energy ULTRAVIOLET LED that can emit white light and is sealed in a fluorescent tube by 2005. The power consumption of this white LED is only 1/8 of the incandescent lamp, 1/2 of the fluorescent lamp, and its life is 50 ~ 100 times of the traditional fluorescent lamp. This proves that the development of GaN material has been quite successful and has entered the stage of practical application.
InGaN system of alloy generation, InGaN/AlGaN double mass junction LED, InGaN single quantum well LED, InGaN multiple quanta well LED and other successful development. InGaNSQWLED6cd high brightness pure green tea color, 2CD high brightness blue LED has been produced, in the future, it can be realized by combining with AlGaP, AlGaAs red LED to form bright brightness panchromatic display. In this way, the white light source composed of three primary colors also opens a new application field, and the era characterized by high reliability and long life LED will come. Fluorescent and light bulbs will be replaced by LEDs. LED will become the leading product, GaN transistors will also develop rapidly with the development of material growth and device technology, become a new generation of high-temperature frequency power devices.
Gallium nitride Supplier
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