Gallium nitride charger-the new outlet or capital hype

This year, a new type of charger has attracted everyone's attention,this is a new generation of gallium nitride chargers. The charger has the characteristics of small size, fast charging, and natural heat dissipation. Specifically, the volume is 50% lower than the conventional charger. It takes only 45 minutes to charge a massive 4500mAH battery from 0% to 100% to charge the iPhone 11. 50% faster than the original charger. At the same time, the charger Type-C 65W has a built-in intelligent identification chip, which can charge mainstream smartphones, Type-C interface notebook computers, and other electronic devices on the market.

In the fierce competition of major mobile phone manufacturers, GaN will also usher in rapid development. According to Wind, the GaN index has risen 44.7% this year. The Xiaomi GaN charger directly detonated the A-share third-generation semiconductor concept stocks. Lei Jun, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group said that GaN is a new type of semiconductor material, and the charger made is particularly small, but the charging efficiency is particularly high. As early as 2019, OPPO released SuperVOOC 2.0 with a maximum charging power of 65W. The adapter equipped with SuperVOOC 2.0 uses GaN, which is the first time GaN has entered mainstream consumer applications. Some media said that manufacturers such as Huawei, Apple, and Samsung also plan to launch GaN chargers.
With the gradual expansion of applications, the scale effect will gradually become more prominent, the cost will be lower and lower, the penetration rate of GaN chargers will accelerate, and consumer-grade GaN is expected to rise. It is reported that the upcoming Realme X50 Pro is expected to use a 65W SuperDart super flash charging GaN charger. Huawei will also use GaN chargers next.

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