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Google made it easier to play Android games on Windows 11

One of the best features of Windows 11 is that it will support Android apps. But not yet. Microsoft has not signed a deal with Google to bring Google Play to Windows. Therefore, you can't officially install Google Play on Windows 11. You'll have to choose Amazon and let the retailer's Appstore run your favorite Android apps on your laptop or desktop. But even so, there's a big caveat. Microsoft has only recently opened up the Amazon App Store to users, and only INSIDERS in the US can use it.
There is good news, however, for Android users with Windows PCS.Google wants to bring Android games to Windows. Not just Windows 11, but Windows 10.

Windows gets Google's Android in 2022
This is exciting news for those who want to make the most of the Android-Windows experience. The problem is that Google has only confirmed that Google Play supports Windows games. This means that other Android apps you want to run on Windows 11 and Windows 10 computers won't be officially released. At least initially.
"Starting in 2022, gamers will be able to play games on more devices: seamlessly switching between phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and soon Windows PCS," Greg Harrell told The Verge."This Google-built product brings the best features of Google Play Games to more laptops and desktops, and we're excited to expand our platform so players can even better enjoy their favorite Android Games."
It's not a game streaming service
Separately, Google spokesman Alex Garcia-Kummert said the company created the Windows application without Microsoft's help.
The Windows version of the Android gaming app will allow players to play games on their PC after playing them on Android or Chrome OS.
From the looks of it, Google is interested in establishing a foothold in the gaming industry. Making Android games available on all devices except phones, pads and Macs will help Google achieve its gaming goals.
The company also operates its game streaming service, Stadia, which turns any device into a console. But Android game apps for Windows don't play games. Instead, users will run them locally, which means they have to install them on Windows 11 or Windows 10 devices.
Google has not said when the Windows Android gaming app will be available. The company was just joking at the Game Awards event on Thursday.
If you want to run games other than Android on Windows 11, you can install Amazon Appstore when it launches. Or you can install the unofficial Google Play experience on Windows 11.

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