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Hidden features of IOS 15

Sometimes, compared to some popular updates, it is these hidden features that enhance your experience. In this article, we will introduce several little-known features on iOS 15.
Scan text
To use the iPhone’s new "Scan Text" tool, long press in the text field as if you were using a copy and paste prompt. However, you will now see the "Scan Text" button. You may also see a button that uses only the scan icon, which looks like a piece of paper with brackets. Click the button and it will replace your keyboard with the iPhone camera’s viewfinder. Point the camera at any object you want to scan and follow the prompts on the screen. For example, if you move the camera too fast, you will see a "slow down" message on the screen.
When you arrange the camera and text just right, you will see a real-time preview of the text that the iPhone is recognizing and ready to put in the document. Click the Insert button when you are ready.
This is a concise and simple way to quickly scan the email address on the business card, the phone number on the logo, or as you can see in the screenshot above, scan the back of the book and use it as a huge text block insert.
Move Safari's address bar back to the top of the screen
Apple has made numerous changes to Safari for iPhone and iPad. After installing the update on your iPhone, one of the main changes you will notice is that the address bar and all of its included features have been moved to the bottom of the screen.
The idea is that by moving the address bar to the bottom, you can more easily bypass Safari to browse the web because all the buttons are closer to your thumb, but this change is not for everyone. Apple allows you to move the address bar back to the top of the screen, giving you a choice.
When using Safari on iPhone, click the Aa button on the address bar (don’t long press, just click). At the top of the menu that appears, you will see a new option labeled "Show top address bar." Tap it to move the address bar up.
Get real-time precipitation alerts from the iPhone's weather app
When Apple purchased the popular weather app Dark Sky, I immediately hoped that the official iPhone weather app would get the real-time rain and snow alerts I rely on to keep me dry. These alarms first appeared in iOS 15 and usually arrive a few minutes earlier than the Dark Sky alarm-which is good for me.
After running iOS 15, you can open the new precipitation alert by opening the weather app and then tapping the three-line icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Next, click the circle icon with three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, and then click the notification.
Slide the switch next to "My Location" to the "On" position and click "Done." If you add more cities to the "Weather" app, you can turn on alerts for each city.
Next time it rains or snows, your iPhone will remind you a few minutes before the start. When the rain is about to end, you will receive another alert.
Drag and drop between apps comes to iPhone
The iPad has long allowed you to drag and drop documents, text, or pictures between applications. Now, it's the iPhone's turn. For example, if you want to share photos of your recent night out with your friends back and forth between "Messages" and "Photos", you can now drag them from the "Photos" app to the "Messages" app.
To test the new features, open the Photos app and view your most recent photos. Don’t tap the picture to open it in full screen; instead, place your finger on the photo and start dragging your finger on the screen. When the thumbnails start to float on the rest of the photos, do not lift your finger and switch back to the messaging app.
You will see a green circle with a plus sign on the thumbnail, indicating that you can lift your finger and the photo will be placed in the text field for you to send.
It's easy, right? You can use the same technique to attach a document from the file application to an email.

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