High Salary to Attract Research Talents? Huawei Pays $2 Million a Year for 'Talented Kids'

High Salary to Attract Research Talents? Huawei Pays $2 Million a Year for 'Talented Kids'

He just graduated with $2 million a year

A total of four graduates from Huawei's "talented Boy" program received the highest annual salary of 2.01 million yuan, according to a recent recruitment list. As soon as the news came out, many netizens expressed their support, while others joked that they were "sour". It is a very wise choice for enterprises to attract scientific research talents by offering high salaries and let them settle down to engage in scientific research after they enter the company. The two most prominent advantages of "genius boy" are the ability that "genius" points to. The few people who got the offer this time, without exception, have outstanding performance in scientific research. The second is the age of "youth". The knowledge reserve of young scientific research talents is the "latest version", and the ideas are more active, more dare to break. In recent years, the role of science and technology empowerment has become more obvious, and the role of young scientific talents, whose achievements are hard to measure in terms of millions of annual salaries, cannot be underestimated. At the same time, the high salary to attract "talented boy", can reflect the enterprise is only talented, enterprising value orientation. Mr Ren meant this when he said last year that he hoped they would be like "loaches" to activate their team and transform the company. Give scientific research talent more preferential treatment, do not do seniority, can stimulate people's research enthusiasm, in the enterprise to form a focus on technology guidance. Only through the independent research and development of researchers, master the core technology, the enterprise can break through the blockade, to obtain a broader living space.

Attaches great importance to the talent

Huawei is not the only company facing the challenge of "breaking the wall," but it's not that other companies that can't pay $2 million a year are doomed to be on the defensive. Enterprises to express the importance of talent, not only have a way to hire a high salary, high salary can not represent everything. What is the orientation of the enterprise, whether the working atmosphere is relaxed or depressed, whether the promotion path is reasonable, and whether the company can truly respect the talents and respect the major are all factors to be considered in the two-way selection of talents. The China Youth Daily report cited a candidate who chose huawei over a higher salary offered by another company as an example of this. In order to retain talents, Huawei obviously needs to pay attention to the protection of employees' other legitimate rights and interests and reasonable demands.

No pains, no gains

From the perspective of the applicant, the truth or that truth: no pains, no gains. "Genius" is just a metaphor. Several of the candidates are students who have received years of professional training in colleges and universities and are truly outstanding students. After all, the "gifted youth" are a very small number, and the candidates have to go through many rounds of selection to finally stand out. They can get a high salary commensurate with their abilities and qualities, and as top talents are recruited, they have to face the most difficult scientific research tasks. It should be a social consensus that individuals should be rewarded for their abilities and efforts.

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