How do I try WhatsApp's multi-device beta immediately?

For months, WhatsApp has been touting its multi-device feature, which lets you use WhatsApp on your computer with up to four devices even if your phone isn't nearby. (All of your information will still be protected with end-to-end encryption.)WhatsApp has been rolling out the feature slowly, but after months of testing, it is finally available to all users in a public beta. Here's how WhatsApp's multi-device feature works and how to enable it.

How does WhatsApp's multi-device feature work
WhatsApp's multi-device feature lets you use WhatsApp just like Telegram or Facebook Messenger. Well, kind of. You'll still need to manually connect to devices using a QR code, and those devices will need to reconnect to your smartphone at least every 14 days.
While you can use WhatsApp with up to four connected devices (including Facebook Portal), only one phone can be connected to your WhatsApp account at a time. Once enabled, the Launch WhatsApp desktop app will automatically and securely download the most recent conversations from your WhatsApp account.
How to enable WhatsApp Multi-device Beta
If you want to give it a try, you can enable the feature in WhatsApp's Settings. On your iPhone, select the Settings TAB and tap Associate Device. Select the "Multi-device Test" option and then the "Join Test" button to begin. In the pop-up window, click the continue button.
On your Android smartphone, click the three-point menu button on the top toolbar and select the "Associate Device" option. Then, go to the "Multi-device Testing" section and click "Join Testing".
Once this process is complete, the multi-device beta will be enabled.WhatsApp will unclog current sessions on connected devices, and you'll have to reconnect to the WhatsApp desktop app on your Mac or PC. To do this, open the WhatsApp desktop app. On your smartphone, go to WhatsApp's "Linked Devices" section and click the "Linked Devices" button. Scan the QR code to link the device.
Once the scan is complete, the app will take some time to download recent messages and media from your WhatsApp account. When you're done, you can continue to use WhatsApp as usual.
Limitations of WhatsApp's multi-device beta (and how to get out of beta)
Since this is a beta version, things aren't perfect or even complete. If you're using the multidevice beta of the WhatsApp Desktop app, WhatsApp still has a long list of features that aren't supported. Here are the unsupported features, according to WhatsApp:
If your primary device is an iPhone, clear or deletes chats from your partner's device.
Send a message or call someone who has a very old version of WhatsApp on their phone.
Use a tablet.
View the equipment at the site.
Create and view broadcast lists on companion devices.

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