How to deal with the used batteries of pure electric vehicles?

How many types can the power batteries of pure electric vehicles be divided into?
The power batteries of current pure electric vehicles can be divided into two categories, and these two categories are the most widely used. They are lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium batteries. The heavy metals and toxic elements contained in these batteries are recognized as hazardous, and there is an article in the textbooks of elementary school students that batteries pollute the environment. A button battery can pollute 600,000 liters of water. It is conceivable that the power battery of a pure electric vehicle will be self-evident if it is discarded in the natural world. Therefore, it is an important link for the recovery and disposal of the power battery of a pure electric vehicle after it is scrapped.Grasen provides you with a 90KW CCS CHADEMO DC electric car charging station.

Relevant policies issued for used batteries
The treatment of used batteries generally means that after the used batteries are returned to the treatment plant, the heavy metals and valuable heavy metals in the used batteries are separated for inspection, and then screened. Then, it decomposes things that are of no use value to minimize pollution.Grasen provides you with a 90KW CCS CHADEMO DC electric car charging station.
Although there are processes for disposing of used batteries and laws and regulations, the cost of disposing of used batteries is still very high. It is still hoped that the toxic and harmful substances in the power battery will be replaced by other non-hazardous substances or less harmful substances in the production of power batteries in the future.

Disposal of used batteries
1. Cascade recycling
The scrapping of the power battery of an electric vehicle is actually not a real scrap. It is just that its internal chemical activity is reduced. The battery itself cannot meet the needs of this level of electric vehicle. However, in low-energy-consumption vehicle products, the same model The battery can still function. For example, it can be used as a backup battery in the energy storage of clean and renewable energy power stations, the energy storage of telecommunication base stations and low-speed electric vehicles.
2. Recycling of battery materials
Once the car battery cannot achieve the effect of cascading use, it needs to be sent to a professional battery recycling company to refine the non-ferrous metals in the battery for use, and scientifically decompose the waste in the battery to achieve the purpose of environmental protection.
The United States and Japan are still in the forefront of the world’s disposal of power batteries. In the United States, the batteries are processed in batches. According to the different capacities of the batteries, they are used in different energy storage related electric products, and the materials are used up and then discarded. The Japanese side adopts a battery production and use-recycling-recycling system, that is, they will be prepared for recycling and reprocessing before the batteries are put on the market. This approach is still very far-sighted.

The price of DC charging station? 
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