How to fix the problem of being unable to connect to 911 calls in the Android system?

Google is repairing a terrible malfunction that may prevent some Android users from calling 911 in an emergency.
This issue was first reported by a user on Reddit. The Reddit user wrote: “As soon as the ringtone rang, my phone got stuck. I can only click on the app while the emergency call is running in the background. I can’t do anything else.” You may not realize it. The problem is on your side, Mashable reports. It's as if the phone is busy and no one answers. But when you check the call log, you can't find outgoing calls.
After investigating the reported problem, Google confirmed that it was able to fix the problem. The company stated that the problem was limited to "a few devices with the Microsoft Teams app installed and users were not logged in."
The company said on Reddit: "We determined that this problem was caused by an unexpected interaction between the Microsoft Team application and the underlying Android operating system." "Because this problem affects emergency calls, Google and Microsoft both take this issue seriously. , We expect the Microsoft Team’s application update will be launched soon."
Have I been fully vaccinated? The booster injection confuses the answer. Google said it will release a fix to the Android operating system on January 4. At the same time, an update to the Teams application was released to fix the problem.
The company recommends that Android users take the following measures to ensure that they are not affected:
Check if your device is running Android 10 or above. Only users of Android 10 or higher are likely to be affected. If you downloaded Microsoft Teams, please check if you are logged in. Only those users who have downloaded the app but are not logged in will be affected. If you are already logged in to Teams, please stay logged in and update the app to the latest version. If you are not logged in, please uninstall and reinstall the application to update to the latest version of Teams.

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