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Introduction of the upper material of sports shoes

The upper material of sports shoes can be divided into natural leather, PVC, PU, ​​nubuck, microfiber, mesh
Natural leather: Natural leather is a widely recognized material. It is breathable, soft, peel-resistant, folding-resistant, cold-resistant and durable. Natural leather is always loved by people; leather for shoes includes cowhide, pigskin, deer skin, ostrich skin, crocodile skin, snake skin, etc. Sports shoes generally use cowhide. Cowhide can be divided into first layer leather (pearl leather) and second layer leather (patent leather). Generally the price of first layer leather is 3-5 times that of second layer leather. Sports shoes, especially basketball shoes, use a lot of first-layer leather, which is very valuable. Disadvantages: the cost is too high, there are defects, many pores, irregular shape is not easy to cut, sports shoes are generally not used.
PVC artificial leather: Polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material, artificial leather made by adding plasticizers and other additives (including: embossing, matte, silver proof, transparent sheet, mirror surface, true 3M, cow suede, Shumei cashmere, high frequency Hot, etc.).
Most are cheaper, have poor texture, are not cold-resistant, and are not resistant to folding.
PU space leather: processed with non-woven fabric as the base, breathability is better than PVC artificial leather, similar to natural leather, but the cut surface is smooth and not rough (including: microfiber, space, plus skin, mirror, embossed, transparent Etc.) PU leather is soft, elastic, good in feel, and shiny on the surface. It is more widely used.
Nubuck leather: Artificial leather, made of non-woven fabric, covered with PU foam film, processed and smoothed, with good ventilation effect and rough surface feel. Sneakers use mid-range or higher nubuck and PU leather for the upper
Superfine fiber: soft texture, uniform texture, performance is very close to natural leather, but more uniform than natural leather thickness, more balanced elasticity, is one of the best materials in the artificial leather category. Most of our shoe types currently use this material.
There are three main types of mesh for sports shoes:
1. The main material net cloth is used in the place where the help surface leaks. It is light and has good air permeability and bending resistance, such as sandwich net cloth.
2. Accessories for shoe mouth: such as velvet, BK cloth.
3. Libu accessories: such as Lixin cloth. The main features are wear resistance and good breathability.
Net cloth used for shoe uppers: no cloth, fireflies, mercerized cloth, waterproof cloth, nylon cloth, yuma cloth, TB cloth, oxford cloth, canvas, etc.
Net cloth used in the inner: four-sided elastic, three-layer net, nylon cloth, metal net, sandwich, etc.

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