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Japan takes measures to mitigate the impact of the epidemic on manufacturing, and industries such as foamed cement additives may have new improvements

The Japanese government, local governments, and financial institutions first adopted a series of business support measures.

Zhou Weisheng introduced that on February 13, the Japanese government decided to implement an emergency economic measure of 15.3 billion yen for the first time. At that time, many people questioned whether the amount of 15.3 billion yen would be too small.

The Japanese government's economic measures are not limited to this, and its policy is to ensure an increase in the budget gradually. However, accumulating such small amounts of funds in stages is unlikely to be very useful. With the widespread impact of the outbreak, the government has begun to consider various economic responses.

The Liberal Democratic Party proposed a proposal on March 3, calling on the government to consider a supplementary budget for 2020. According to the contents of the actual project, the Japanese Finance Corporation established particular loans, set up a standard information desk for small and medium-sized enterprises, provided support measures for companies returning production bases from China, and provided support for the tourism industry. It also contains details such as overtime rules for SMEs that will be flexibly implemented after April.

On March 10th, the Japanese government also decided to implement a second financial support measure with a total amount of 1.6 trillion yen, which is used for substantial non-interest and unsecured loans to small and medium-sized enterprises and to support the readjustment of domestic supply chains.

Led by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, many support measures for manufacturing have been implemented. For example, the productivity revolution advances the business. Through the introduction of IT to deal with supply chain damage and future business continuity, priority is given to supporting companies that are committed to capital investment, the cultivation of sales channels, and the improvement of efficiency.

Manufacturing subsidies provide part of capital expenditure subsidies for equipment investment of small and medium-sized enterprises, with a grant of 1 million to 10 million yen, and the subsidy rate of small and medium-sized businesses is 1/2. Sustainable development subsidies support small companies in developing sales channels and increasing productivity. The allowance is 500,000 yen, and the subsidy rate is 2/3. IT implementation grants support the introduction of IT tools that bring higher added value, such as back-office operational efficiency. The subsidy is 300,000-4.5 million yen, and the subsidy rate is 1/2.

As we all know, Japan's manufacturing industry is more famous around the world, especially in high-end finishing. Government support for economic funding. Some traditional processing and manufacturing companies, such as foamed concrete admixtures, have also experienced a sharp decline in orders due to the epidemic, reducing or suspending production. Luoyang Tongrun Nano Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development of lightweight foam concrete admixtures and can provide a complete set of foamed concrete technology solutions. You can send email to

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