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Linear Bearing Quality Affects West Indies Food Processing Machinery and May Change the Food Processing Industry Reshuffle

The West Indies is a group of islands in North America. It is located between the Atlantic Ocean and its Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. It faces the Florida Strait and the Florida Peninsula in the north and is close to the north shore of Venezuela in the southeast. From the western island of Cuba to the north coast of Venezuela Aruba Island is an arc protruding from west to east, consisting of more than 1,200 islands and reefs and atolls, extending for more than 4,700 kilometres and covering an area of ​​about 240,000 square kilometres. It is a tropical dry and wet season climate, with the spatial and temporal differences of precipitation. The vegetation is tropical monsoon forest, savanna and tropical thickets, similar to Southeast Asia.

The economies of all countries and regions in the West Indies are mainly agriculture, and foreign agricultural companies occupy a large amount of land and hire workers to grow a single cash crop. The crops are primarily sugarcane cultivation, followed by bananas, coffee, cocoa, tobacco, etc., and food cannot be self-sufficient. For a long time, sugar cane cultivation and sugar production and export have constituted the economic foundation of each island country. Among them, Cuba is the country with the highest per capita sugar production and shipping. The industries in the archipelago countries are not well-developed, mainly in mining industries such as bauxite and oil, followed by nickel, The mining and smelting industries such as copper and iron are mostly controlled by foreign capital; the sugar industry and other food industries in the light industry are more critical, and the demand for food industry machinery is increasing year by year.
At present, the machinery and equipment of the food processing industry in this region mainly come from China, Japan and South Korea. The maintenance and maintenance of automation equipment is a critical industry in the local area, and the demand for employees is on the rise.
Linear bearings are commonly used in food manufacturing and processing machinery. Food machinery generally has a relatively low speed and requires bearings to be resistant to corrosion and rust. At low rates, roller bearings are often used. Corrosion or rust-resistant bearings require bearings of unique materials or bearings with individual seal structures. It is better not to lubricate or use the green moisturizing medium.
Linear Bearings
The linear bearing is a direct motion system produced at a low cost and is used in conjunction with a cylindrical shaft for unlimited travel. Since the load-bearing ball is in point contact with the rod, the load steel ball is used to rotate with very little frictional resistance, so that a smooth movement with high precision can be obtained. Linear bearings are widely used in electronic equipment, tensile testing machines and digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring equipment and other precision equipment, as well as linear motion systems for the production of multi-axis machine tools, punches, tool grinders, automatic gas cutting card sorters, and food packaging machines. Unlimited travel is used with a cylindrical shaft. Because the bearing ball is in point contact with the rod, the load is small. The steel ball rotates with very little frictional resistance so that a smooth movement with high precision can be obtained. Use with the hardened linear drive shaft—a system for infinite linear motion. The load ball and the quenching drive shaft are point-contacted, so the allowable load is small, but indirect action, the friction resistance is minimal, the precision is high, and the movement is fast.
The structure and characteristics of the linear bearing manufactured by WSBC are composed of a shell, a particular steel ball, a retainer, and snap rings or sealing rings at both ends. The retainer device is installed in the housing and is fixed by snap rings or seals at both ends so that the steel ball repeats the circular movement in the track surface of the retainer. And the shell is fully quenched and heat-treated to achieve a considerable hardness, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the movement and service life. The steel ball retainer is formed by injection moulding of nylon resin. It can reduce the noise and wear of the steel ball and the fastener, and plays a fundamental guiding role. The use temperature of the linear bearing is within 80 ° C.
WSBC bearing installation considerations
1 When assembling the linear bearing in the bearing housing, do not directly collide with the side end of the bearing housing and the snap ring and sealing ring, please use a unique tool to press in slowly and evenly.
2 When assembling the linear bearing and the single shaft, it should be noted that the axis of the shaft and the axis of the bearing are kept parallel, and it cannot be installed at an excessive angle. The extreme angle may easily affect the accuracy and service life of the bearing, and may even cause the steel ball to fall off.
WSBC bearing use matters needing attention
The design of the linear bearing is to be used in the occasion of linear repetitive motion and is not suitable for rotary motion, which will affect the life of the direct bearing.

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