Meta Quest takes over Oculus website

At the Connect conference last month, Meta(where it announced its new name to replace Facebook's brand) confirmed that it would be phasing out some of the Oculus brands and focusing instead on its new name. At the time the company said the transition would be gradual, and a week later we saw our first "Meta Quest" AD. The logo is now also fixed to the top of

The Meta Quest logo replaces the "Oculus From Facebook" logo at the top left of the page. The company's new logo is next to it. For now, the Oculus Quest 2 brand has left some traces -- hover over the "Products" TAB and you can still click to buy Oculus Quest 2. We haven't seen Quest 2's packaging completely replace the Oculus logo, though we can imagine there are quite a few logistical issues in that regard. And, for those curious, doesn't currently take you to the same page (or any page).
It's interesting to see the logo sitting on top of, considering Meta's next VR headset, codenamed Cambria, has been confirmed not to be part of the Quest series. We don't expect to see the launch of this headset for some time, however, there's plenty of time to see how Meta's VR brand evolves from these first steps. Some elements of the Oculus name, such as the Oculus Studio tag, are expected to remain for the time being.

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