New Technology Can Convert the Garbage into Graphene,The Manufacturing Process Takes Only A Few Milliseconds

An original method developed by the research team of Rice Tour chemist James Tour: able to convert all carbon source materials into expensive graphene sheets. Also, this method is fast and cheap. Tour said that compared to other graphene production methods, the "flash graphene" technology only needs a small part of the energy to convert a ton of coal, food residues, and plastics into graphene.
"This technology is essential," Tour believes, "the world throws up 30% to 40% of the food thrown out by corruption every year. In addition, solving a lot of plastic waste is also a big problem. We have confirmed that any solid carbon-based material , Including mixed plastic waste and rubber tires, can be converted into graphene. "
Tour also said, "At present, the market price of graphene is 67,000 to 200,000 US dollars per ton, so the prospect of this technology is extensive."

Tour said that just adding 0.1% of flash graphene to concrete cement can reduce its huge impact on the environment by one third. "Using graphene to strengthen concrete can reduce the amount of concrete used in buildings and further reduce the energy consumption of concrete production and transportation," Tour added. We convert that carbon into graphene and add it to the concrete, thereby reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the cement produced. Therefore, the use of this technology to produce graphene is a win-win environmental solution. "
Rouzbeh Shahsavari, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, materials science and nano-engineering at Rice University, said, "Turning waste into treasure is the key to a circular economy. In the technology developed by Tour and others, graphene is a two-dimensional material and a strengthening agent that can Regulate the hydration and strength of cement. "He is also the president of C-Crete Technology.
Tour continued, "In the past, "graphene could not be used for the above applications due to its high price. The flash evaporation process not only helped us improve waste disposal but also significantly reduced production costs. Using this method can fix carbon and prevent it from entering the atmosphere again.
This process technology is very consistent with Rice University's recently announced "Creating a Zero Emissions Future" initiative, which calls for the reuse of hydrocarbons in oil and gas to produce hydrogen and stable carbon, thereby achieving zero carbon dioxide emissions. The flash graphene process converts stable carbon to graphene and is used in industries such as concrete, asphalt, construction, automobiles, and clothing. "
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