Overview of Tellurium dioxide powder

Tellurium dioxide is an inorganic compound whose chemical formula is tellurium dioxide. Tellurium dioxide powder is white powder and also the white crystals in appearance. It has a tetragonal crystal structure, which is yellow when heated, and black to yellow when red melts. Tellurium dioxide can be slightly soluble in water, soluble in strong acids and bases, forming double salts. Tellurium dioxide (TeO2) is a solid oxide of tellurium. It has two different forms: yellow trapezoidal mineral β-tellurium dioxide and synthetic colorless quadrilateral (cyanobacteria) α-TeO2.TeO2 can be a teratogen, it will produce ethyl tellurium when it comes in contact with tellurium compounds. The garlic flavor is produced in it.
The chemical properties of Tellurium dioxide
Number of hydrogen bond acceptors: 2
Topological molecular polar surface area (TPSA): 34.1
Number of heavy atoms: 3
Complexity: 18.3
Number of covalent bond units: 1
Incompatible materials: strong oxidants, strong acids.
Tellurium dioxide is an acousto-optic crystal with excellent performance.
It is decomposed by high heat to release toxic vapors, and the harmful combustion product is tellurium oxide.

Applications of Tellurium dioxide
1. Mainly used as acousto-optic deflection element.
2. Used for preservation, identification of bacteria in vaccines, etc.
3. Preparation of II-VI group compound semiconductors, thermal and electrical conversion elements, refrigeration elements, piezoelectric crystals and infrared detectors, etc.
4. Used as a preservative, and also used for bacterial inspection in vaccines. It is also used for bacterial test and preparation of tellurite, emission spectrum analysis, electronic component materials and preservatives in bacterial vaccines.
How to prepare Tellurium dioxide
1. It is formed by burning tellurium in the air or oxidized by hot nitric acid.
Te+O2→TeO2; Te+4HNO3→TeO2+2H2O+4NO2
2. It is prepared by thermal decomposition of orthotelluric acid.
3. Lifting.
4. The growth technology of Tellurium dioxide single crystal: a kind of tellurium dioxide (TeO2) single crystal growth that belongs to the crystal growth technology. It is characterized in that single crystals of various tangential directions and shapes can be grown by the crucible descending method. With this technology, square rods, ellipses, rhombuses, plates and cylindrical crystals can be grown in any direction. The grown crystal can reach (70-80)mm×(20-30)mm×100mm. Compared with the general pulling method, this method has the advantages of simple equipment, no limitation of the pulling direction and cutting shape, and basically no pollution, and the crystal utilization rate can be increased by 30-100%.
Supplier of Tellurium dioxide powder
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