Preparation method of magnesium nitride

To prepare magnesium nitride, the magnesium belt can be burned in nitrogen. The reaction equation is:

In the above reaction, if the nitrogen is not pure, it is easy to produce products containing magnesium oxide. The method of reaction in dry NH3 gas is better.
Place the magnesium scraps in a porcelain boat or a sintered magnesia boat. The boat is installed in a porcelain tube. One end of the porcelain tube is connected to a T-shaped tube. One end of the T-shaped tube can be filled with dry ammonia gas and the other end can be filled with nitrogen. The end of the porcelain tube is connected to a U-shaped tube, and the tube is filled with desiccant, half of which is small flakes of CaO, and the other half is small flakes of KOH. The gas discharged from the reaction tube is absorbed by the absorption device, which is two conical flasks containing dilute sulfuric acid. In order to prevent back suction, do not insert the tube of the first absorption bottle below the surface of the dilute sulfuric acid.
Pour dry NH3 and N2 into the porcelain tube until the second absorption bottle no longer emits bubbles, indicating that the air in the porcelain tube has been purged. Raise the temperature to 800~850℃, heat the magnesium powder for 4 hours, the magnesium powder becomes hot, marking the beginning of the reaction, and at the same time, H2 must be produced. During the reaction, the pressure of NH3 should be greater than the outside atmospheric pressure to avoid sucking back. When the reaction is over, turn off NH3, keep the original temperature and continue to pass N2 for 1.5h to remove NH3·Mg3N2 adsorbed on Mg3N2, which is very deliquescent and must be stored in a dry container.
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