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Rare Earth Nanomaterials with Great Potential

Rare earth elements have a unique 4f sub-layer electronic structure, large atomic magnetic moments, strong spin-orbit coupling and other characteristics, resulting in very rich optical, electrical, and magnetic properties. It is the transformation and development of traditional industries in the world today. Strategic materials that are indispensable for high-tech are known as "new material treasure house". In addition to its applications in traditional fields such as metallurgical machinery, petrochemicals, glass ceramics, and textiles, rare earths are also key supporting materials in emerging fields such as clean energy, large vehicles, new energy vehicles, semiconductor lighting, and new displays. Life is closely related.
After decades of development, the focus of rare earth-related research has also correspondingly expanded from the smelting and separation of single high-purity rare earths to the high-tech applications of rare earths in magnetism, optics, electricity, energy storage, catalysis, and biomedicine. On the one hand, the material system tends to be more rare earth composite materials; on the other hand, the morphology is more concentrated on low-dimensional and functional crystal materials.
Especially with the development of modern nanoscience, combining the small size effect, quantum effect, surface effect and interface effect of nanomaterials with the unique electronic layer structure characteristics of rare earth elements, rare earth nanomaterials are different from traditional materials. Many novel properties of the rare earth materials, to maximize the excellent performance of rare earth materials, and further expand its application in the field of traditional materials and new high-tech manufacturing. At present, there are mainly the following highly potential rare earth nano materials, which are rare earth nano luminescent materials, rare earth nano catalytic materials, rare earth nano magnetic materials, nano ceria ultraviolet shielding materials and other nano functional materials.
Rare earth organic-inorganic hybrid luminescent nanomaterials, composite materials combine units with different functions at the molecular level, which can complement and optimize functions. The organic-inorganic hybrid material has the functions of both organic and inorganic components, showing good mechanical stability, flexibility, thermal stability and excellent processability. Rare earth nano-magnetic materials have the characteristics of small size, single magnetic domain structure and high coercivity. Used to make magnetic recording materials can increase the signal-to-noise ratio and improve image quality. Due to its small size and high reliability, its use in micro-motor systems is an important direction for the development of a new generation of aviation, aerospace and marine motors. Rare earth catalytic materials involve almost all catalytic reactions. Due to surface effects, volume effects and quantum size effects, nanotechnology has attracted increasing attention from rare earth nanotechnology. In many chemical reactions, rare earth catalysts are used. If rare earth nano-catalysts are used, the catalytic activity and efficiency will be greatly improved.
China is a big country with rare earth resources. The development and application of rare earth nanomaterials is to open up new ways for the effective utilization of rare earth resources. In order to expand the application range of rare earths and promote the development of new functional materials, a new theoretical system should be established in materials theory to adapt Nano-scale research needs to make rare earth nano-materials have better properties, and make it possible to appear new properties and functions.

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