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Silicon carbide SiC market structure and its engineering challenges

Silicon carbide (SiC) is the third-generation semiconductor that has received much attention in the past five years. The research and development of Silicon carbide SiC power devices began in the 1970s. By the 1980s, the quality of SiC crystals and manufacturing processes had improved significantly. In the late 1990s, In addition to the United States, Europe and Japan have also begun to invest resources in research and development. Since then, the industry has started to accelerate.
In 2001, Infineon launched the first silicon carbide SiC device --- 300V ~ 600V (16A) silicon carbide SiC Schottky diode, then Cree (Cree) launched 600V ~ 1200V in 2002 (20A) silicon carbide SiC Schottky diodes are mainly used in switching power supply control and motor control. Subsequently, ST, ROHM, Fairchild, and Toshiba have launched similar products. Silicon carbide SiC transistors and silicon carbide SiC MOSFETs were only available in 2006 and 2011, respectively.
In recent years, since the MOSFET technology has begun to be accepted by the market, including the psychological threshold and technical threshold, the silicon carbide SiC market has already started to grow rapidly. According to the silicon carbide SiC market report released by Yole in 2019, the market size of silicon carbide SiC in 2018 is about the US $ 420 million. The agency expects the compound annual growth rate of the silicon carbide SiC market to be 29%, which means that by 2024, carbonization The market size of Silicon carbide SiC will reach 1.93 billion US dollars.
Similar to the manufacture of integrated circuits, the production of silicon carbide SiC devices also have IDM and Fabless modes. Currently mainly based on IDM mode. The silicon carbide SiC industry chain includes upstream substrate and epitaxy links, midstream device and module links, and downstream application links. Therefore, there are many players in the silicon carbide SiC industry chain. The largest share is Cree in the United States. According to the latest report from Yole, it accounts for 62% of the entire silicon carbide SiC power device market. It has years of carbonization. Silicon SiC substrate production experience, Wolfspeed, is also a radio frequency and power device company with a vertically integrated production capacity.
Engineering challenges posed by silicon carbide SiC
We all know that the benefits of Silicon carbide are lower impedance, higher operating frequency, and higher operating temperature. For example, the switching frequency of Silicon carbide is generally 10KHz ~ 10MHz, and is still developing; its theoretical temperature resistance exceeds 400 ℃, even if the current packaging materials limit it, it can quickly achieve 225 ℃.
Of course, higher temperature resistance is beneficial; for example, without water cooling, the size of the equipment can be made smaller. But these characteristics will bring some other engineering challenges. For example, when the Silicon carbide device works at 225 ° C, how should other peripheral devices be disposed of? If the device can withstand such a high temperature, the cost is another big problem.
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