Sodium oleate introduction anad property

What is sodium oleate?
Sodium oleate, alias Sodium octadecenoate, Cis-9-octadecenool, oleol, Cis-9-octadecenool, (Z) -cis-9-octadecenool, Olive oil alcohol, Cis-9-octadecenool, 9-n-octadecenool, octadecenool.Is a kind of organic oil, the chemical formula is C17H33CO2Na, sodium acid is the main ingredient of olive oil made of soap, is also the main component of tallow soap, can also be made from sodium hydroxide and oleic acid reaction. It is a compound composed of hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups, with excellent emulsifying power, permeability, and detergency, good solubility in hot water, used as anionic surfactants, and fabric waterproof agent.

Sodium oleate CAS 143-19-1
Sodium oleate property
Sodium oleate may slowly oxidize and stain in the air, darkening the color and producing rancid odor.This is due to the double bond breaking of oleic acid due to oxidation to form rancid substances. Mixing highly unsaturated acid promotes corruption.
Dissolve in 10 times the amount of water, bubble, forming a viscous liquid. The aqueous solution is alkaline, partly hydrolyzed to insoluble acidic soap and sodium hydroxide, the liquid becomes opacified. Ethanol does not hydrolyze and is neutral. Soluble in about 20 times the amount of ethanol.Almost insoluble in ether, petroleum ether, and other organic solvents.
Hydrolysis reaction: 2RCOONa+H2O=RCOONa·RCOOH+NaOH.
A chemical reaction
Reacts with metal ions other than alkali metals to form a metal salt precipitate.
Other properties:
The general nature of salt, not volatile, in water can be completely dissociated into ions, adding inorganic acid (strong acid) and can make salt into hydroxyl acid-free again. When the hot soap is cooled, it does not crystallize, and insoluble calcium and magnesium soap precipitates with calcium and magnesium salts contained in hard water.Appearance and properties: white powder;Density: 0.9g /cm3;Melting point: 232-235°C(lit.);Boiling point: 359.999ºC at 760 mmHg;Flashpoint: 270.099ºC;Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.Storage condition: -20ºC.
The operation, disposal, and storage
Operation precautions: Operators should be specially trained and strictly abide by the operation rules. The operation and disposal should be carried out in places with local ventilation or comprehensive ventilation facilities. Avoid eye and skin contact and avoid inhaling steam. See section 8 for individual protective measures. Keep away from fire and heat sources. No smoking in the workplace. Use explosion-proof ventilation systems and equipment. If canning is required, the flow rate should be controlled, and there is an earthing device to prevent static electricity accumulation. Avoid contact with forbidden compounds such as oxidants. Handling should be carried lightly to prevent damage to packaging and containers. Empty containers may contain hazardous materials. Wash hands after use and do not eat or drink in the workplace. Equipped with the corresponding variety and quantity of fire fighting equipment and leakage emergency treatment equipment.
Storage precautions: Store in a cool and ventilated warehouse. The storage temperature should not exceed 37°C. It should be stored separately from oxidizer and edible chemicals, and must not be mixed. Keep the container sealed. Keep away from fire and heat sources. Lightning protection equipment must be installed in the warehouse. The exhaust system should be equipped with a grounding device to remove static electricity. Explosion-proof lighting and ventilation Settings are adopted. Do not use equipment or tools that may cause sparks. The storage area shall be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment and suitable storage materials.
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