Special Lubricating Grease May Determine the Victory or Defeat of the War, the Role of MoDTC is Irreplaceable

During World War II, the Germans defeated Moscow. There is a saying that because the weather was too cold and the lubricant was frozen, the German tanks and armored vehicles were directly paralyzed. Such a statement may not be accurate, but it illustrates the fact that although the lubricant is inconspicuous, its importance is self-evident, especially today when military equipment is becoming more sophisticated and more sophisticated, the performance of oils is excellent. Inferiority may directly affect the performance of military equipment. Military equipment is an essential piece of equipment in the military. It often appears in cold or desert high-altitude environments. Therefore, it is required that lubricants have excellent high and low-temperature performance. At the same time, leakage cannot contaminate the soil.
Special lubricating greases require full temperature grease, with high dropping point, excellent comprehensive performance, especially outstanding oxidation stability, thermal stability, extensive operating temperature range, shallow low temperature starting torque, and long service life.

Particular lubricants are widely used in micro-motors, small fans, electronic actuators, household appliances, instruments, office equipment, daily tools, automotive parts, etc .; at the same time in the steel industry, automotive industry, electrical equipment, military industry, power Electrical, mechanical manufacturing, and other fields have gained increasing attention and become one of the most significant types of high-performance greases in the world today.
Combining the performance requirements of special lubricants, the advent of MoDTC will improve the performance of conventional oils. The third generation of molybdenum is a dialkyl diethylamino molybdate (MoDTC) obtained by introducing amino (NH2) based on the second generation. This organic molybdenum has an anti-oxidation effect and specific anti-corrosion ability while maintaining anti-friction and anti-wear properties. It can cooperate with other functional additives such as QDDP, detergent, dispersant. Studies have shown that oil-soluble organic molybdenum, as a highly effective lubricant additive, has a better anti-friction effect than the traditional additive YDD. At the same time, with the development of industry and environmental requirements, organic molybdenum additives are also continuously developing towards higher performance and low phosphorus and sulfur.
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