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Super cost-effective roller bearings: WSBC's complete supply chain provides a variety of standard and non-standard customized bearings and provides solutions

A bearing is a general term for components that support various shaft structures (such as rotating shafts, mandrels, and transmission shafts). In principle, the bearing is to connect the two parts that have relative rotation or allow relative rotation, to realize the support effect efficiently and smoothly. Bearings are as indispensable as joints to achieve limb movement. People visually compare it to the "joints" of mechanical systems. In the modern industry, the more common types of bearings are roller bearings, oil film bearings, electromagnetic bearings, air bearing, etc.

The roller bearing is one of the rolling bearings, and it is one of the widely used components in modern machinery. It relies on the rolling contact between the main ingredients to support the rotating parts. Roller bearings are now mostly standardized. Roller bearings have the advantages of small torque required for starting, high rotation accuracy, and available selection.

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Rolling bearings are divided into ball bearings and roller bearings according to the rolling force. Roller bearings rely on the rolling contact between the main parts to support the rotating parts. Different roller bearings can withstand different radial and axial forces. When choosing a roller bearing, the choice should be based on specific working conditions. Roller bearings mainly include spherical roller bearings, thrust spherical roller bearings, tapered roller, and cylindrical roller bearings.

When selecting bearings, the primary considerations are as follows:

1. Bearing load

The size, direction, and nature of the pressure on the bearing are the main factors in choosing the bearing.

When the bearing is selected according to the magnitude of the load, compared with the point contact of the ball bearing, the main elements in the roller bearing are line contacts, which are easy to use for the load and the deformation afterload is also small.

When selecting bearings according to the load direction, for pure axial loads, thrust bearings are generally selected. The more significant axial force decides thrust roller bearings. For smaller axial forces, select thrust ball bearings. For pure radial loads, deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings or needle roller bearings are generally used. When under radial load, but also under a small axial load, you can choose deep groove ball bearings or tapered roller bearings; when the axial load is large, you can select the angular contact ball with a larger contact angle bearings or tapered roller bearings.

2. The speed of the bearing

Under normal circumstances, the rate will not have any impact on the choice of bearing type, but when the rate is tremendous, the rate should be included in the selection criteria of the bearing.

(1) Compared with roller bearings, ball bearings have a higher limit speed, so in the case of high speed, priority is given to ball bearings.

(2) In the case of the same inner diameter, the smaller the outer diameter, the lower the rolling element, so the centrifugal force of the rolling component on the outer ring is smaller, so it is more suitable for working at high speed. According to the properties given in Table 1, needle roller bearings are more ideal for working at high rates.

3. Self-aligning performance of bearings

When the centerline of the shaft does not coincide with the centerline of the bearing seat, and there is an angle error, or when the rod is bent or tilted due to the force of the shaft, the axis of the inner and outer rings of the bearing will be deflected. At this time, self-aligning bearings or spherical ball bearings with seats with sure self-aligning performance should be used.

Roller bearings are most sensitive to the deflection of bearings. The bearing capacity of such bearings in the deflection state may be lower than that of ball bearings. Therefore, when the stiffness of the shaft and the supporting stiffness of the bearing seat hole are weak, or when there is a massive deflection moment, such bearings should be avoided as much as possible.

4. Bearing installation and disassembly

When the bearing housing does not have a split surface, and parts must be installed and removed in the axial direction, bearings with separable inner and outer rings (such as N0000, NA0000, 30000, etc.) should be preferred.

Wuxi Spark Bearing Co., Ltd is a modern high-tech professional high-quality roller bearing manufacturer specializing in R & D, manufacturing, sales, and service. To keep WSBC bearings in sync with the world, we have invested in much advanced numerical control equipment and a complete set of precision testing equipment. We are committed to establishing a high-quality workforce and introducing advanced manufacturing and management technologies. We have strict quality control and environmental protection.

Our bearings are mainly supplied to OEM customers in many industries, such as mining, petroleum, chemical, coal, cement, heavy machinery, wind power, construction machinery, and other industries. At the same time, our complete supply chain makes it possible to provide customers with an entire supply chain of various standard and non-standard custom bearings. Our professional engineering and sales team is willing to take care of each customer's requirements and provide cost-effective solutions to allow customers to enjoy a one-stop service.

The WSBC team has been adhering to the principle of "honesty, quality first, customer first." We are ready to use our sincerity to provide long-term and win-win cooperation for every global customer.

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