T-Mobile suffered data breach again

Many of us think that data breaches are part of our daily lives. After all, your account information is only safe for the company you do business with, and year after year, people pay less and less attention to such issues. This summer, T-Mobile has encountered one of the most high-profile data breaches of the year, and just a few days before the end of 2021, it is reported that it has encountered another data breach.

According to the "T-Mo Report", leaked internal documents show that a small number of accounts were accessed without authorization this month. Affected users either have their data viewed by unknown individuals—including names, addresses, phone numbers, package rates, and the number of lines—or become victims of unauthorized SIM card exchanges. The third group of users faces both at the same time. This situation. T-Mobile confirmed in these documents that customers who contacted their support team were able to re-access their SIM cards.
For its part, the company has contacted the individuals targeted by the attack, reminding them to specify what content was viewed and what was not viewed, and emphasized that the hacker did not steal payment or password data. However, T-Mobile has not published any specific reports on how many customers have been directly affected.
Fortunately, this invasion sounds much smaller than the attack the company suffered this summer. In that attack, millions of accounts were compromised because hackers called the company's security protection "bad". This may seem to be another example of poor security measures, although we have to wait for T-Mobile to provide more information.

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