The U.S. develops new hybrid technology to produce nickel metal with high strength and corrosion resistance

Nickel is a metal widely used in manufacturing and can be used in industry and advanced materials processing. Today, researchers at Purdue University in the United States have created an innovative technology that can be used to make new nickel metals that could help produce future life-saving medical equipment, high-tech equipment, and cars with powerful corrosion-resistant protective parts.
Purdue's technology involves a process that uses an efficient electrodeposition process on some conductive substrates. For nickel-metal manufacturers, one of the biggest challenges is to deal with the part where the grains intersect in the metal, that is, the boundary region and the traditional grain boundary can enhance the strength of the metal to meet the high strength requirements.
However, the grain boundary is often a stress concentration point and is a susceptible part of electron scattering and corrosion. As a result, such limits often reduce the flexibility, corrosion resistance, and conductivity of metals.
The other, called twin boundaries, is not very common in metals such as nickel because of its high stacking fault energy. The single-crystal mineral developed by Purdue University contains a high density of ultrafine twin structures but has almost no traditional grain boundaries. Researchers at Purdue University have demonstrated that this unique nickel-metal can improve strength, flexibility, and corrosion resistance. This feature is useful to manufacturers in multiple industries, including automotive, natural gas, petroleum, and micro-electromechanical equipment. Very important.
Purdue researchers use a single crystal substrate as a growth template, combined with a designed electrochemical formula, to promote the formation of twin boundaries and inhibit the formation of traditional grain boundaries. This high-density twin boundary results in nickel metal with a mechanical strength exceeding 2 GPa, a low corrosion current density of 6.91 × 10-8 A cm-2, and polarization resistance of up to 516 kΩ. The high-density twin boundary has a high mechanical strength exceeding 2 GPa, a low corrosion current density of 6.91 × 10 -8 A cm -2, and high polarization resistance of 516 kΩ.
This technology can produce nano-twin nickel coatings with high-density double grain boundaries and few conventional grain boundaries, resulting in excellent mechanical, electrical properties and high corrosion resistance, which indicates applications in extreme environments Has exceptional durability. Templates and specific electrochemical formulations provide a new approach to boundary engineering, and hybrid technologies can potentially be used in large-scale industrial production.
The technology can be applied to industries such as semiconductors and automobiles, which are requiring metal materials with superior electrical and mechanical properties for manufacturing (products). This nano-twin nickel is used as an anti-corrosive coating for the automotive, natural gas, and oil industries.
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