The appeal of Apple's most affordable 5G iPhone to Android users

There are rumors that Apple will launch the third-generation iPhone SE that supports 5G in early 2022. JPMorgan Chase analysts said that the iPhone SE 3 is likely to attract "nearly 1.4 billion mid-to-low-end Android phones and approximately 300 million old iPhone users."
“Apple’s trade-in program without an iPhone is not as attractive as the iPhone’s trade-in value. It may still result in an iPhone with an average starting price of $269 to $399 for a 5G iPhone. It is still very competitive,” analyst Samik Chatterjee commented. The estimated accuracy of stars in the Refinitiv icon said.
In another report, JPMorgan Chase stated that consumer demand for major upgrades such as 5G models is expected to remain strong, which is also the focus of supply, although demand for most hardware products such as smartphones, TVs and personal computers is weakening.
So far, there have been rumors that the iPhone SE 3 is expected to have the same form factors as the current iPhone 8, which is the same as the 2017 iPhone 8. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that in addition to supporting 5G, this new phone will also be equipped with an upgraded processor, although it is unclear whether it is the iPhone 13 A15 Bionic chip or the iPhone 12 A14 Bionic chip.
JPMorgan Chase analysts also said that it is expected that in the fiscal year 2022, iPhone SE sales will increase to 30 million units, and annual iPhone shipments are expected to reach 250 million units, an increase of 10 million units over the same period last year.
Although JPMorgan Chase seems to be very optimistic about the third-generation iPhone SE, the report did not mention how long it will take for Apple to capture this huge market of Android users who plan to buy 5G phones, especially iPhones.
Although it is well known that the iPhone SE is a more affordable option, Android manufacturers are vigorously promoting mid-range products that support 5G. We have seen Motorola, Samsung and other Chinese companies launch real cheap smartphones.

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