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The chip shortage finally hit Apple

It's been a tough year for electronics manufacturers. The global chip shortage affects everything from the PlayStation 5 to graphics cards. For a while, Apple seemed to have avoided the worst of its supply chain woes, but now it seems that luck has finally run out.
According to Bloomberg, most of Apple's latest products won't be available until mid-November or even December. This includes the iPhone 13 series, iPad Mini, 9th generation iPad, Apple Watch Series 7, and MacBook Pro. More worryingly, the delays also affect older products such as the MacBook Air and the latest iMac.

Delays are not necessarily new to Apple products. The problem now is scale. The iPhone 13 Pro, for example, has only been on the market for about a month, and almost all versions of the iPhone are hard to find. If you check Apple's website, the earliest shipping dates are Nov. 19-29, and the phone is not available at any of the 12 Apple stores in the five boroughs, at least in New York City. Earlier this month, the company also cut its 2021 iPhone 13 production target by about 10 million units. The iPad Mini has the same delivery window, with only a handful of versions available for pickup at one or two Apple stores in New York City. The shipping window for the Apple Watch Series 7 is Between November 30 and December. None of the Apple stores in New York appeared to be in stock. The MacBook Pro, which was released earlier this week, is also backlogged through Nov. 12-19. The 24-inch M1 iMac will also be pushed back to Nov. 12-19 if you pay $8, or Nov. 15-22 if you opt for free shipping. Only one or two configurations are available for pickup.
Somehow, Apple's new $19 polishing cloth was also delayed by 10-12 weeks. Because that's the world we live in now.

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