The latest iPhone reveals Apple's strategy

Tim Cook says Apple's latest smartphone is "the best iPhone we've ever created''. When Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 Pro last month, it claimed it had a "breakthrough camera innovation" and battery life capable of streaming video for 20 hours straight. 
An internal analysis of the iPhone 13 Pro by Nikkei and the Financial Times shows it is also the greenest and has more customized technology than its predecessors. The A15 chip used in the iPhone 13 Pro is a custom feature that Apple claims will give it an edge in overall speed, better photos, and graphics performance that is 50 percent faster than its competitors.
Specs aside, Apple continues to emphasize and tout the growing proportion of recycled materials used to make phones more sustainable. On Wednesday, the company said it had "more than doubled the number of suppliers committed to 100% clean energy" compared with last year, as part of its plan to achieve zero carbon emissions across its supply chain by 2030
Stacey Wegner, the senior teardown analyst at TechInsights, a technology analysis group, says Apple is adept at encouraging users - incentivizing them with discounts - to return old iPhones to Apple for refurbishment and resale. But she believes there is no way to assess the life cycle of an electronic product.
"There is no unified reporting system, which means we can't compare Apple with Samsung or any other company."
The new iPhones also cost more to make -- cutting into profit margins -- and are harder to repair, damaging the environment.
According to a petition filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission this week, one activist shareholder argues that the carbon footprint associated with the iPhone increased between 14 and 54 percent between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 12 series. Apple disputes those claims.

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